Body Types:

Not one man would like to have a perfect, well-built figure. But I do not know if you know, you do not have to have an ideal body structure for this. You can look good without building muscle. How do you get this effect? Fashion gives infinitely many possibilities to create interesting stylizations, so that virtually every man could look good. All you need to know is what to avoid and which parts of the body to exhibit to be more attractive. The knowledge of the types of male silhouettes is very helpful. Just like among women, it stands out, among others apples, pears and hourglasses, men are usually assigned to one of four basic body types.

body types

Men's silhouettes are divided into 4 types. They are all based on the construction of a silhouette. We have, among others, pencils, pears, apples and triangles. Each of the presented silhouettes has its strengths and weaknesses and can look very attractive, if only the rules of clothing created for them are respected.

Mr. pencil

body pencil

This is by far the most youthful type of figure. Men who are gentlemen are usually tall and thin or very slim. The proportions between the chest and hips are preserved, so creating good stylizations usually does not create major problems. This does not mean, however, that the "pencil" gentlemen are not threatened with fashion slips. Men of this type of figure should definitely avoid vertical belts and very tight clothes, which only emphasize the slimness and completely unnecessarily extend the figure. In advance, it is better to give up pants trousers, trousers pressed on a crease and very tight t-shirts. Even too large clothes will not work well.

It is worth to use a few tricks for this, which optically widen the chest and arms. The layered stylizations are ideal for "pencils". Wide coats and jackets are great. "Pencils" look very good in jackets with double-breasted clasp and oversized sweaters. They can also boldly wear clothes with prints, expressive patterns (bars, camo, horizontal stripes). They should also appreciate the bright colors in which they look particularly advantageous.

Mr. pear

The pear is the type of figure that you only need to minimally correct with clothing to look very attractive. A man with this type of figure usually has shapely legs, hands and chest, and the most troublesome are the broad buttocks and stomach. It is worth working on them at the gym, but it is also good to adhere to the advice of stylists. The pears' gentlemen look very well in jackets and waistcoats. The best for them are V-neck neckline and smooth shirts. They look great in jackets, coats and jackets with wide flaps. The pants are best with models with a straight or slightly widened leg. The list of clothes that are better to avoid is longer than in the case of "pencils". Mr. "pear" does not look good in patterned clothes, tight-fitting shirts. In this case neither too large nor too narrow trousers like tubes will work. There are also horizontal and vertical stripes for him. The former unnecessarily broaden the figure, and the second disrupt its proportions - they slim the upper body and attract the gaze to the belly.

Mr. apple

body apple

This is definitely the most problematic figure, but she can look great if you follow a few simple rules. The "apple" gentlemen are usually short, stocky, the shoulders and hips have the same width, a rounded or round belly is also typical for them. For a more attractive appearance, the "apple" can fight in the gym, so that its silhouette will look more like a square than a circle. It can also appreciate the possibilities that fashion brings.

The perfect "apple" for you are the clothes that optically slender or lengthen the figure. T-shirts and sweatshirts with V-neck and longer jackets that cleverly cover the buttocks and abdomen are perfect for this role. Sensational are also dark pants with additional shades or without, which wysmuklajÄ… legs. Although the best suits for men of "apples" are smooth clothes, they can also reach for delicate patterns in muted colors. They should definitely avoid big prints and expressive designs. In this type of figure, tight and well-fitting clothes will not work, and classic shirts instead of letting in pants and additionally emphasize the waist with a belt, it is definitely better to loosely loose on trousers.

Mr. triangle

body triangle

This type of figure is definitely the closest to the male ideal. Mr. "triangle" has very male, broad shoulders, nicely marked chest, flat stomach, narrow hips and slim legs. It is, however, worth taking care to improve the proportions of the figure and work primarily on strengthening the legs.

Silhouettes will also perfectly balance the right clothes. For you "triangle" suitable will be sweaters, shirts, blouses and blouses in dark colors. Boldly can reach for clothes with small patterns, perfect for them also pants with a wider leg, including trousers.

However, the "triangle" should avoid clothes that will additionally widen the chest or optically slender legs. So there are no horizontal stripes, large patterns and prints for them. Usually, the tight pants and trousers will not work well in their case.