In order to be able to choose shoes that fully meet our preferences and expectations, we must first understand shoe sizing-related requirements and schemes. It is worth knowing, first of all, that the sizes of shoes are different for both women and men. If a male wears size 12, the footwear will not have the same insole length as in the case of shoes designed for a female. In order to facilitate the understanding and practical application of the correlation between the length of the foot and the size of the shoe we want to purchase, we would like to encourage you to familiarize yourself with the content of our today's article, which will certainly explain this issue in a comprehensive and fully understandable way.

Foot length - the length of the insole

The key aspect to be taken into account at first is the length of the foot. It determines the length of the insole, which we will be able to apply to buy shoes that will immediately become our favorites and with which we will not be willing to part even for a moment. Remember that before making the final purchase and finalizing the transaction in an online or stationary store, you simply have to carefully check the standard that is used. It is no secret that the standard that has been developed for shoes manufactured and worn in US will be different from that to which the inhabitants of Europe or Asian countries are used to. It may be most advantageous to ask the seller or check the comprehensive size chart on the Internet (, which will allow us to compare the current standards, thus making it easier for us to purchase shoes that will be comprehensively adapted to our feet.

Is shoe width important?

However, we should not, under any circumstances, limit ourselves only to measuring the length of the insole. The width of the shoe is also important. If it is too tight, it can cause irritation and redness, and in extreme cases - even deformation of the foot. Shoes that are too loose may, in turn, fall off our feet, especially when we perform a lot of dynamic movements throughout the day. In the case of many size charts, the width of the shoes is determined using a special letter system. For example, it may be in the form of "D" or "EEEE". We should not be surprised, however that in some standards repeated letters are replaced by numbers. In the case of the last example given above, we can come across an alternative written in the "4E" format. Both of them refer to the same width of the shoes that we want to buy - remember that!

What about children?

We have discussed sizing systems that have been applied for many years to footwear that is available to men and women. Let us, however, not forget about the youngest ones. Foot length and corresponding kids shoe size are specified differently in the case of children and the standards that are opted for by producers vary from the ones that have been established for mature customers. Of course, there may be some companies offering footwear for children in internationally applicable sizes, but on many occasions, parents or legal guardian will have to distinguish between shoe size specified for customers from America, England, Europe, or Asia.

Talk to an expert

We are more than aware of the fact that some customers may find it exceptionally difficult to select the proper shoe size basing on their foot length. In the discussed scenario, the best and highly recommended solution is to ask an experienced professional for help. Such experts will gladly provide us with key pieces of information pertaining to the current trends and to proper measurement techniques. Thanks to that, we will avoid a situation where a given pair of shoes turns out to be too loose or too tight, translating directly into a remarkable lack of comfort connected with using them on everyday manner. Such issues can be easily avoided by cooperating with the representative of a particular shop before making the final purchase, especially if we have decided to spend our money in a brick-and-mortar shop.

We are more than hopeful that the guidelines provided today will make specifying the proper shoe size much easier and shopping sessions will quickly become a fun, rewarding experience rather than being a nightmare we want to avoid at all cost!