Review of iconic styles of women's and men's trousers

Observing the profiles of world-famous bloggers on social networks, you can come to the conclusion that all pants styles will be fashionable this season – starting with tubes, through chinos, and ending with bells. Unfortunately, it is not difficult to get lost in a winding labyrinth of trends. We have no idea about what will lead the Parisian catwalks in the spring or summer. We know, however, what trouser fashions will never pass away.

Wide Leg Trousers

Belly bells known and beloved in the 1960s are characterized by a strongly widened bottom. The eye-catching legs are primarily among jeans. The bells associated with hippie fashion are dedicated mainly to the ladies.

Loose Trousers

Loose trousers are characterized by a wide-legged cut of the legs. Extremely comfortable, they are available for both women and men. Loose are dedicated to those who value freedom. Usually jeans, have been very popular for many seasons.

Skinny Trousers

Skinny pants enjoy unflagging popularity for many seasons. Adjacent to the body like leggings, with a high or low waist, tapered down, they fit perfectly with a slim figure. In the stores we find skinny jeans and corduroy.

Carrot pants

Trousers with tapered legs perfectly combine with both flat and high shoes. As far as loose, fully universal, perfectly emphasize shapely thighs. Contrary to appearances, they are extremely elegant, available in almost any material version.

Tube pants

The most popular cut of the trousers is also called “skinny fit” and “slim fit”. Perfectly fitting, tight trousers narrowing downwards perfectly emphasize female advantages. Contrary to appearances, this cut is also available for men. Tubes have an admixture of synthetic fabrics – mainly spandex.

Trousers Slim

Here are another of the narrow pants available for both women and men. One of the more comfortable solutions with narrow, fitted legs. The pants are close to the legs, additionally emphasizing their greatest assets – slender calves and thighs. Available with both low and high belt.

Trousers Bootcut

Fashionable styles hide many interesting solutions, bootcut is one of them. The most denim jeans, fitted at the top and slightly extended around the knees are available in the form of unisex. Bootcut is dedicated to people with broader hips and thighs.

Trousers Straight

The pants of men’s trousers are no different from the styles of women’s trousers. Straight is a solution dedicated to both ladies and gentlemen. The most versatile and comfortable, perfectly corrects body imperfections. The straight trouser legs are equal all the way from top to bottom.

It is said that the world does not end with tubes. In stores you will find many different styles of trousers – both large and small sizes. Most of the proposals dedicated to women have their counterparts to the opposite sex. All indicated timeless fashions successively return to favor every few seasons.