Plus size is a term that typically refers to items of clothing that are designed with both men and women of bigger proportions in mind.

Do the "plus size" sizes differ from the standard sizes?

It is worth mentioning that the specifics of plus size vary from country to country and different sizes may fall into the aforementioned category. According to some experts in the field, the factual plus size in fashion industry starts with size 18 onwards. Some time ago, especially in Great Britain, plus size was used interchangeably with “outsize” term, yet the latter lost its popularity due to unfavorable connotations it was connected with.

We are more than glad to inform that the majority of modern chain shops and even the most luxurious brands in the world have at least some items of clothing that are perfectly adjusted to the needs of individuals with bigger proportions. There is no lack of such items of apparel, which was a common occurrence just several years ago. Plus size also stopped being considered to be a taboo topic and now it is commonplace in advertising and marketing-oriented campaigns all over the world.

Brands with "plus size" sizes: