Chinese size chart may not be as simple and straightforward as some prospective clients willing to buy shoes or clothes may think. Therefore, it is highly recommended to opt for Chinese size chart that will allow us to decode the provided size indications by juxtaposing them with those typical for the US or UK for example. Then, it will be much easier to specify whether or not a particular item of apparel will be the right one for us. Chinese size chart is frequently available next to changing rooms in brick-and-mortar shops all over Asia, but it can be also found on websites of shops dealing with such clothing. Thanks to that, the risk that you will purchase an item that will not fit you at all becomes much lower. It is also worth knowing that Chinese size chart is frequently updated and adjusted to the currently applicable fashion-related trends, so it is worth consulting such a chart right before making a purchase. Such knowledge will turn every shopping session into a much more pleasant experience for us for sure!

Chinese size chart to US

It is worth knowing that in China, two sizing standards are opted for and may be used interchangeably. For example, Chinese size chart to US prepared for men may inform you that the smallest size available is 36-37 or 165/88-90. You should be able to then juxtapose such numbers with those typical for American clothing items and select the right T-shirt, blouse, sweater, or any other item of clothing basing on Chinese size chart to US provided to you. It may be difficult at first, but with practice - it will surely become a second nature for you to check and correlate data.

Chinese Sizes Men

Chinese Sizes Chinese Sizes International Standard Chest Width [in] Shirt Length [in]
36 - 37 165/88-90 S 37.79" 24.80"
38 - 39 170/96-98 M 38.58" 25.19"
40 - 41 175/105-110 L 39.37" 26.77"
42 - 43 180/118-122 XL 39.37" 27.95"
44 - 45 185/126-130 XXL 44.09" 29.13"

Chinese Sizes Men (Pants)

Chinese Sizes Waist [in] Length [in]
42 27" - 28" 39"
44 29" - 30" 40"
46 31" - 32" 41"
48 33" - 34" 42"
50 34" - 36" 43"

Chinese Sizes Women

Chinese Size International Standard US Size UK Size
160-165/84-86 XS 2 34
165-170/88-90 S 4 - 6 34 - 36
167-172/92-96 M 8 - 10 38 - 40
168-173/98-102 L 12 - 14 42
170-176/106-110 XL 16 - 18 44

Chinese Sizes Children to US and UK

Chinese Size Chinese Size US Size EU Size
1Y - 2Y 73 - 80 4 98 - 104cm
2Y - 3Y 75 - 85 5 104 - 110cm
3Y - 4Y 85 - 95 6 110 - 116cm
4Y - 5Y 95 - 105 7 116 - 122cm
6Y - 7Y 105 - 115 8 122 - 128cm
8Y - 9Y 115 - 125 10 128 -134cm
10Y - 11Y 125 - 135 12 134 - 140cm
12Y - 13Y 135 - 145 14 140 - 146cm
14Y - 15Y 145 - 155 16 146 - 152cm

Chinese shoe size to US

It has to be stated at this point that when it comes to Chinese shoe size to US, the standard opted for is remarkably different than the ones utilized in other countries all over the world, even within the borders of Asia. Chinese shoe size to US typically ranges from 35 to 40 in the case of women and from 39 to 46 in the case of men. An interesting fact that cannot be neglected is that those are just sizing standards implemented for adults - there are different ones that have to be remembered about while attempting to purchase shoes or boots for children!

See by the way: shoe size chart.

Men's Chinese to US Shoe Size Chart

Chinese Size US Size Foot Length [in] Foot Length [cm]
39 7 9.65" 24.5cm
40 7.5 9.84" 25cm
41 8 10.03" 25.5cm
42 8.5 10.23" 26cm
43 9 10.43" 26.5cm
44 9.5 10.63" 27cm
45 10 10.83" 27.5cm
46 10.5 11.02" 28cm

Women's Chinese to US Shoe Size Chart

Chinese Size US Size Foot Length [in] Foot Length [cm]
35 5 8.86" 22.5cm
36 5.5 9.05" 23cm
37 6 9.25" 23.5cm
38 6.5 9.45" 24cm
39 7 9.65" 24.5cm
39 7.5 9.84" 25cm
40 8 10.03" 25.5cm
40 8.5 10.24" 26cm

Chinese shoe size to US and UK child

When converting Chinese shoe sizes to US or UK sizes for children, it's important to keep in mind that there is no standard conversion chart that applies to all brands and types of footwear. The size difference can vary greatly between different manufacturers. The best way to ensure a proper fit is to measure the child's foot and compare it to the specific size chart provided by the manufacturer of the shoes you are interested in. Additionally, it's important to keep in mind that different countries may use different measurement systems, so it's always best to double-check the conversion chart before making a purchase.

Children's Chinese Shoe Size Chart

Chinese Size US Size Foot Length [in] Foot Length [cm]
22 4C 6.29" 16cm
23 6C 6.49" 16.5cm
24 8C 6.69" 17cm
25 9C 6.89" 17.5cm
26 10C 7.08" 18cm
27 10.5C 7.28" 18.5cm
28 11C 7.48" 19cm
29 11.5C 7.67" 19.5cm
30 12C 7.87" 20cm
31 13C 8.07" 20.5cm
32 13.5C 8.26" 21cm

Tips for buying chinese sizes

When buying shoes in Chinese sizes, it is important to keep the following tips in mind:

  1. Measure your child's feet regularly - Children's feet grow quickly, so it is important to measure their feet regularly to ensure they are wearing the proper size shoe.

  2. Use a size chart - When buying shoes in Chinese sizes, be sure to use a size chart that has been provided by the manufacturer. It is best to measure your child's feet and compare it to the chart to ensure a proper fit.

  3. Check the return policy - If you are unsure about the size, it is best to purchase from a retailer that has a flexible return policy, just in case the shoes do not fit properly.

  4. Look for conversion charts - Some websites and retailers provide conversion charts that can help you convert Chinese shoe sizes to US, UK or EU sizes.

  5. Consider the manufacturer's reputation - When buying shoes from a Chinese manufacturer, be sure to research their reputation and read reviews from other customers to ensure you are getting a high-quality product.

By following these tips, you can help ensure that you are able to purchase shoes that fit your child properly and provide the comfort and support they need.

  • Measuring shoes in China is not always a straightforward process. The length of your foot is measured in units called "li," and the size is written on the shoe box or label in centimeters.
  • A size 40 in China is the equivalent to a size 10 in the United States. Full size chart is here:
  • When sizing for Asian customers, it's important to take into account the Chinese size, which is typically smaller than the US.