Are you looking for the right size of women's pants or jeans? We have prepared special tables for you including the sizes of women's trousers and jeans in EU, IT, UK, US and standard sizes. In order to properly choose your size, you need at least one piece of information, namely - hip circumference. If you take the measurements of your lower waist, it will be extremely useful in specifying the correct size you should wear.

An important element that cannot be neglected is the type of trousers you want to opt for. Remember that standard pants will differ in size from jeans. Therefore, we have prepared two tables with the most common sizes of both trousers and jeans.

Women's Trousers size chart

Women’s jeans size chart is typically quite easy to find - both in traditional and in online shop. Women’s trousers are one of the most commonly purchased items of apparel nowadays. In order to be sure that the right choice is made, each and every female customer should come to the shop or website of a particular brand equipped with waist, hip, and inseam measurements, which will make the final decision much easier and much less problematic than it would be otherwise. The size chart for women jeans is quite frequently updated in order to keep up with the newest fashion trends, as well as to design items of clothing that are in line with the requirements of the interested customers, so make sure that you consult it and familiarize with it properly before making the final purchase!

EU/IT 36 38 40 42 44 46 48
UK 4 6 8 10 12 14 16
US 2 4 6 8 10 12 14
Low Waist 74cm 78cm 82cm 86cm 90cm 94cm 98cm
29" 30.75" 32.25" 33.75" 35.5" 37" 38.5"
Hip 86cm 90cm 94cm 98cm 102cm 106cm 110cm
33.75" 35.5" 37" 38.5" 40" 41.75" 43.25"
 Inner Leg 81cm 82cm 83cm 84cm 85cm 86cm 87cm
31.75" 32.25" 32.5" 33" 33.5" 33.75" 34.25"

Women's Pant size conversion chart

The sheer amount of the available women’s jeans can be simply overwhelming nowadays. Even while being equipped with an up-to-date women’s jeans size chart, some females may have remarkable difficulties with making up their mind and selecting the right item from an enormous collection prepared for customers by the representatives of a particular clothing brand. To make the task notably easier, it is highly recommended to check out, specify, and note down waist, hip, and inseam measurements that will make selecting the most optimal from the portfolio of a brick-and-mortar or online shop easier to a significant extent. Taking such measurements is not time-consuming and may even save us a lot of hassle while looking for perfectly fitting women’s jeans! The aforementioned data, while combined with size chart for women jeans that is in line with the current trends, can work wonders!

Size 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33
Low Waist 72cm 74.5cm 77cm 79.5cm 82cm 84.5cm 87cm 89.5cm 92cm 94.5 97cm
28.25" 29.25" 30.25" 31.25" 32.25" 33.25" 34.25" 35.25" 36.25" 37.25" 38.25"
Hip 84cm 86.5cm 89cm 91.5cm 94cm 96.5cm 99cm 101.5cm 104cm 106.5cm 109cm
33" 34" 35" 36" 37" 38" 39" 40" 41" 42" 43"
Inner Leg 83cm 83cm 83cm 83cm 83cm 83cm 83cm 83cm 83cm 83cm 83cm
32.5" 32.5" 32.5" 32.5" 32.5" 32.5" 32.5" 32.5" 32.5" 32.5" 32.5"

Push-up jeans

Jeans are pants that never go out of fashion. They are timeless and reliable, and they look great in almost all styles. There are numerous fantastic items you can opt for! One of them are push-up jeans, which will wonderfully emphasize your distinctive features. If you want to have a more expressive and raised bottom, go for a model of jeans with a push-up effect. Thanks to it, you will make your body much more appealing in just a few seconds! Of course, we know that diet and exercising are the bases of a dream-like result, but if you do not have enough time, focus on the right dress.

Jeans with a low waist

We have also prepared jeans with high-waisted pants for you. They will make your body look even better than it usually does! They will mask the tummy and protruding sides, so that you will feel more attractive. Below, you will find denim jeans, which we have chosen for you. We also made sure that they are very fashionable and adjusted for the upcoming season. Jeans go perfectly well with adequately selected shoes. They will also help highlight your distinctive features.

Women’s Jeans Cuts and their impact on sizing

As fashion aficionados probably know, there are numerous women’s jeans cuts that are currently available on the market. There are standard items of clothing, as well as slim, wide, and unusually shaped ones…however, to make the lives of customers remarkably easier, designers have opted for women’s jeans size chart development - it is a kind of guideline which provides the interested individuals with all the key measurements, making it much easier to make the final decision on whether to purchase a particular item of apparel or to rather opt for something different and more adjusted to one’s body type and shape.

When it comes to size chart for women jeans, we have to say that there are several sizes that have been well-established throughout the last few decades. They range from XXS up to XXXL, and as it can be guessed - the first one is the smallest, whereas the latter is designed with women of a bigger body type in mind. While offering unusual cuts of jeans, the producers typically provide such data as waist and hip sizes, which allow the interested women to decide whether a given item will fit them well. Of course, you have to remember that fashion trends change almost constantly, bringing with them new styles of jeans, but both brick-and-mortar and online shops are prepared for that and in the case of some new types of apparel becoming popular, they simply update or adjust the women’s jeans size chart to be in line with the current preferences of the customers, which in turn saves them a lot of hassle and potential problems that can be easily avoided in such a way.

What is Special About Washes and Finishes

It is very interesting to see that designers and producers of women jeans have been recently experimenting very heavily with denim washing and finishing techniques. It is also intriguing to and appreciated by the customers who now have a myriad of clothing items to choose from and can purchase the ones that are perfectly matching, not only in terms of their size, but also in terms of the occasion they are to be worn to.

Within the scope of our website, we have been touching the topic of women's jeans size chart, and size chart for women jeans quite a lot, so to avoid being monothematic, we would like to inform our readers that they can now take advantage of products treated with a number of denim washes, including: acid wash, rinse wash, bleach wash, white denim wash, colored denim wash, all-over tinting, or even vintage finishing. Thanks to their use, the portfolio of women jeans available on the market has increased significantly! Of course, traditional ladies may also opt for standard solutions, namely - items of apparel in the case of which no wash or finish has been utilized. Regardless of the final choice, it is more than vital to consult the size chart for women jeans in order to be more than sure that the item you want to purchase will fit you properly and that wearing them will not be an unpleasant, but rather - remarkably joyous experience. If you do not know what measurements to take or what size will be the right one for you, do not hesitate to ask a representative of the store for advice. It may turn out to be more than helpful and dispel all your doubts!