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At, you will find all the information you need about clothing item sizes. Would you like to check the sizes of children’s, women’s, or men’s apparel? If so, check the link below and learn everything about the applicable sizes. You will find information on the size of clothing and footwear there.

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On the website, you will find universal sizes for children, women, and men. Nevertheless, it has to be borne in mind that a significant number of manufacturers create their own size tables. Therefore, we have prepared the sizes of most popular and sought-after clothing and shoe brands. In order to quickly and easily find the producer you want, we divided them into four groups. On each of the subpages, you will find most popular sizes of a given manufacturer’s T-shirts, sweatshirts, shirts, trousers, shorts, and shoes of all kinds.

Size charts - Clothing

They have been made basing on collected data, information from users, and other sources. Clothing is very important to us. We deal with it at every stage of our lives. Clothing items accompany us at morning, evening, during weekends, at birthday, during dinner, at work, and wherever we are. Everyone has to wear something, as well as put on, change, or modify his or her apparel. We are looking for new items of clothing when and where we can. Thanks to us, you will be able to choose your clothing size! Do you struggle with the choice of the right size while shopping? Visit our website and find the manufacturer you are interested in, or use universal size tables. Sportswear, elegant clothing, everyday items, workwear, and much more…you will find all that here! All sizes of clothing in one place -!

Shoe size guide

While too small, they will be tight. While too big, they will be loose. A well-chosen footwear is the basis for a satisfactory and comfortable use. The first step to selecting the perfect shoe is size. How to choose the right size of shoes? See our guide: shoe sizes. Thanks to our tips and hits, you will choose the correct size of your footwear that will allow you to use them for a long time.

International Size Conversion Chart

Clothing and footwear in Europe, the United States and the United Kingdom have different sizes. Below you will find links to specially prepared US, UK and EU size scales.

US size chart


European sizes


UK size guide


Asian - JP


Size charts, guides, and converters all in one place!

Do not know what your perfect size of shoes, pants, or blouses is? By basing on our size tables, you will find your correct size. You will also learn how to properly measure your body and feet. Thanks to our guides, you will be able to check what European sizes correspond to while compared to the US and the UK ones.

If you have a problem with making a purchase at a foreign clothing store, check out our sizes for a given region - EU, UK, or US. Alternatively, you can use the standard and universal size for women, men, and children.

In addition, as a professional portal, we have prepared a converter thanks to which you can check sizes of clothing items in centimeters, inches, and feet. Remember that in Europe, sizes are provided in centimeters, and in the States - in inches. The case is similar with footwear! Remember to check said info before making a purchase.

Brand sizes

The sizes of popular clothing and footwear offered by renowned manufacturers are different from the universal ones. Find the producer you are interested in by using the list above and check out its detailed table with sizes. It will prevent you from buying clothes or shoes that are too small or too big. Good luck!

shoes measure
body measure

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