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At sizees.com you will find everything about sizes. Do you need to check the sizes of children, women or men? Go to the link below and you will learn everything about these sizes. Both you will find information about the size of clothing and footwear.

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On our sizees.com you will find universal sizes for children, women and men. Nevertheless, a significant number of manufacturers create their own size tables. Therefore, we have prepared the sizes of the most popular and sought-after clothing and shoes brands. In order to quickly and easily find the producer, we divided them into four groups. On each of the pages you will find the most popular sizes of a given manufacturer - T-shirts, sweatshirts, shirts, trousers, shorts and shoes of all kinds.

Size Chart Clothing

They are created based on collected data, information from users and other sources. Clothing is very important to us. We come into contact with her at every stage of life. Morning, evening, weekend, at birthday, dinner, at work and wherever we can. Everyone has to wear something, put on, change, get dirty. We are looking for new clothing when and where we can. Therefore, thanks to us you will be able to choose your clothing size! Do you shop and do not know what size to choose? Visit our website and find the manufacturer you are interested in, or use universal tables with sizes. Sportswear, elegant, everyday, workwear and much more! All sizes of clothing in one place - sizees.com!

Shoe Size Guide

Too small - it will be tight. Too big - it will be loose. Well-chosen footwear is the basis for correct and comfortable use. The first step to choosing the perfect shoe is size. How to choose the right size of shoes? See our guide: shoe sizes. Thanks to our advice and tip, you will choose the correct size of your footwear that will allow them to be used perfectly.

International Size Conversion Chart

Clothing and footwear in Europe, the United States and the United Kingdom have different sizes. Below you will find links to specially prepared US, UK and EU size scales.

American - US


European - EU


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Size charts, guides and converters in one place!

Do not know what your size of shoes, pants or blouses is? Based on our tables with sizes you will find your correct size. You will also learn how to properly measure your body and foot. Thanks to our guides, you can check what European sizes correspond to the size of the US and the UK.

If you have a problem with buying at a foreign clothing store, check out our sizes in a given region - EU, UK, US. Alternatively, you can use the standard and universal size for women, men and children.

In addition, what professional portal with sizes we have prepared a converter thanks to which you can check sizes in centimeters, inches and feet. Yes! Remember that in Europe the sizes are given in centimeters, and in states in inches. Similarly with footwear! Remember to check before you make a purchase.

Brands sizes

The size of popular clothing and footwear manufacturers is different from the universal one. Find in the list above your producer and verify its detailed table with sizes. This will prevent you from buying too little clothes or shoes. Good luck!

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