Hoodie size guide

In our recent articles, we have devoted quite a lot of space to discussing shoe and pant sizes, as well as recommending our readers how to approach measuring them in a proper manner in order to avoid dissatisfaction while purchasing such items in brick-and-mortar, as well as in online shops. Today, we would like to touch upon hoodie size chart, as it is a bit more complex than many customers may think and may lead to a certain level of confusion if approached without prior familiarization with the basics.

It has to be mentioned at the very beginning of this article, that hoodies available in the market can be divided into three basic types: items for men, for women, as well for children. They are designed in slightly different manner, as well as are remarkably distinctive when it comes to measurements. It is more than understandable, as children require rather small, perfectly fitting items of clothing, women have to have access to hoodies that are a bit wider in the chest area to ensure comfortable use, whereas items of apparel for men should be rather identical in terms of dimensions from top to bottom, with the focus being put on the durability and longevity of the materials used.

Women's hoodie sizes

Let us start with hoodies designed for ladies. They vary in size from 32 to 60 in the majority of cases. While approaching measurements, we have to take into account three key factors, namely - chest, waist, and hips size. The smallest item of clothing available in the portfolio of a given company will probably be characterized by said dimensions oscillating around 76, 58, 82, respectively, whereas the plus size items of apparel will likely be approximately 146, 128, 152. There are also many variations in between, so we are more than sure that females willing to purchase a perfectly fitting hoodie for everyday use or for jogging will have no problem doing so.

Size Bust Waist Hip
XS 32" - 33" 25" - 26" 35" - 36"
S 34" - 35" 27" - 28" 37" - 38"
M 36" - 37" 29" - 30" 39" - 40"
L 38" - 39" 31" - 32" 41" - 42"
XL 40" - 41" 33" - 34" 43" - 44"
XXL 42" - 43" 35" - 36" 45" - 46"

Men's hoodies size chart

Let us now proceed to the final part of our article, which will be focused on the discussion of the sizes of hoodies made for men. Their sizes typically range from 44 to 66 and in their case, there is the comeback to three basic measurements observable, namely - to chest, waist, and hips. The smallest items that are sold are typically 88, 76, 93, whereas the biggest ones are approximately 132, 132, 124. Men, women, and children may also opt for slim variants of the traditional hoodies, which will fit them much more tightly and the measurements of which will be different. They are not perfect for all occasions, but if a given customer considers them to perfectly fit his or her style, then they are the items of clothing to go for to complete the look.

Size Chest Waist Hip
S 36" - 38" 29" - 31" 36" - 38"
M 39" - 41" 31" - 33" 38" - 40"
L 42" - 44" 33" - 35" 40" - 42"
XL 45" - 47" 36" - 38" 43" - 45"
XXL 48" - 50" 39" - 41" 46" - 48"
3XL 51" - 53" 42" - 44" 49" - 51"

Kid's hoodies sizes

Interestingly enough, when it comes to the sizes of hoodies for children, their sizes typically range from 80 to 176, which may be found a bit confusing by parents trying to purchase the proper item for their child for the first time. In order to make the final choice a bit easier, producers have decided to provide prospective four instead of three major measurements to look for and to focus on. Those are as follows: height, chest, waist, and hips. If measured in a proper manner and compared with the size chart provided, there is little to none risk that after bringing home the purchased product will not fit the child. The smallest size is characterized by the dimensions of 80, 50, 50, 55, respectively, whereas the biggest hoodies are typically produced in sizes 176, 82, 73, 94. Of course we are providing our readers with standardized dimensions only - it should be kept in mind that they may vary from producer to producer, so checking size chart, as well as size guide is highly recommended in all cases!

SizeHeightCHestWaistHipsInseamSleeve length


How to measure hoodie size?

  • #1 Length - The length of the sweatshirts is measured from the back from the top in the place where the collar is sewn (we do not measure the collar) to the very end, along with the lower welt.
  • #2 Chest - The width of the sweatshirt is measured at the height of the armpits. To get the perimeter, multiply the width by two.
  • #3 Waist - Width at the bottom

Within the scope of this article, we will advise you on how to measure hoodie size. It is important, because there are numerous hoodie sizes available currently on the market. In order to take proper measurements, you have to remember that the width of the discussed item of clothing has to be checked at the bottom of the sleeves, with measurements taken from seam to seam. When it comes to the height of the item, is has to be measured from the neck to the very bottom of the hoodie. Hoodie sizes are also determined by checking sleeve length that is measured from the welt located around the neck area up to the end of the welt at the bottom of the sleeve.

To be sure that the size specified will be matching in your case, always compare the data obtained with size chart that will help you establish which hoodie sizes are currently available. It is always a good idea to measure your favorite hoodie you have been using on everyday basis and then compare the data with the table. Please keep in mind that for the measurements to be accurate, you have to avoid stretching the material and should take measurements on a flat surface. Obtained data have to be multiplied by two to be compliant with the ones provided in size charts of various producers of items of clothing. The newly purchased hoodie should not be too tight, as it may make wearing it regularly an unpleasant experience.

Where to buy a hoodie - stationary or online shop?

In the case of all purchases, we strongly recommend buying hoodies in brick-and-mortar shops, as then trying clothes on is much easier and amendments can be done on the fly. Even if a given size, that initially seemed to be perfect for us will turn out not to be suitable, there will be no problem at all to replace it with a bigger or smaller one that will fit our body type in a much more optimal manner. The case is not so simple when it comes to online shops, as even though the offered products may be slightly cheaper, after arrival and parcel unpacking, it may turn out that they are not as well adjusted to our preferences as we hoped. It will result in the necessity for filing a refund or replacement form and going through all the steps of complaint handling process, which - as some of you probably know already - may be a long and time-consuming process.

We are more than hopeful that this article has familiarized our readers at least a little bit with the specificity and nature of measuring sizes of hoodies for men, women, and children. We would love to know that shopping sessions have become much easier and more pleasant thanks to our advices and pieces of information included in this material. We will do our best to develop more guidelines pertaining to size charts and size guides of different items of clothing in the foreseeable future. Do not miss them, as they will undoubtedly be filled to the brim with useful data that you will then be able to take advantage of during online or traditional shopping!