How to Measure Skirt Size?


In order to measure skirt size, one has to consult skirt size chart. Nevertheless, to be able to use it properly and decode all the pieces of information included therein, one has to know her waist and hips size. The latter is much easier to establish, as it requires the prospective customer to measure the circumference of her hips at the fullest beforehand. Fortunately enough, specifying waist size is also not as complicated as some individuals reading this short article may assume. To do that, a client has to measure the circumference around her body at the level of her natural waistline. It is worth mentioning at this point that experts consider both male and female waistline to be the slimmest part of one’s torso. Sometimes, you may have certain difficulties finding such a spot - in the discussed scenario, it may be sensible to ask a friend or the representative of a store for help, because in tandem, you will surely be able to specify the proper skirt size without any difficulties whatsoever.

US skirt size chart

All the customers who would like to purchase skirts that are made basing on the US standard should be familiar with the skirt size chart developed with it in mind. The prospective clients should know that the items of apparel discussed are available in several sizes that are expressed either in the digit or in the letter form. In the first case, the scale ranges from 00 up to 22, whereas in the second - from XS to XXL. Fortunately enough, the majority of skirt size chart variations available nowadays also provide key measurements, such as waist or hips, so making the final purchase should be rather hassle free, regardless whether we decide to buy a skirt online or by taking advantage of traditional shops in our area.

US size Waist inches Hips inches
00/0 (XS) 22-24 32-34
2 (XS) 24-25 33-34
4 (S) 26-27 34-36
6 (S) 27-28 36-37
8 (M) 28-29 37-39
10 (M) 29-30 39-41
12 (L) 31-32 41-43
14 (L) 33-34 43-44
16 (XL) 34-36 44-45
18 (XL) 36-38 45-47
20 (XXL) 38-40 47-49
22 (XXL) 40-42 49-51

Skirt Length

While taking a closer look at professional and well developed skirt size chart variations, you will surely notice that such data sheets include key information pertaining to its length, which will make it much easier for you to make the final purchase and will spare you the necessity of asking for returns. Such a skirt size chart may be of use especially if you have made a decision to shop online, as there is no possibility of trying a given item of apparel on, and you simply have to base your purchasing opinions on the pieces of information presented in such a chart.

Skirt Length Chart

Sometimes, measuring skirt length may turn out to be a bit of a problem, especially for customers who are not experienced when it comes to such pieces of clothing. In the discussed scenario, it is wise to opt not only for skirt size chart, but also - for skirt length chart, which will dispel all of your doubts and will make it possible to make a purchase that will be more than satisfactory. The majority of our readers surely know that various lengths of skirts are more or less recommended for certain occasions and events, which should also be remembered before making the final order.