Panty size guide

Manufacturers of underwear use different sizes to identify women's and men's pants. We distinguish two solutions at this point - numerical sizes (8, 10, 12 ...) and letters (S, M, L ...). Most importantly and worth emphasizing - the size M of the producer X may differ from the size M of the producer Y. Worth noting is also the information that British producers of briefs use British clothing sizes. Yes, so the below size of panties is universal and approximate, and in specific sizes, we recommend looking for individual lingerie manufacturers.

Remember: measurements are not everything!

Remember that the size chosen on the basis of measurements and calculations is just a starting point to determine the correct size in a given bra model. It happens that women with identical dimensions wear different sizes. Our busts differ in shape, consistency, seat height, spacing, our skin and body have different sensitivity. All this can not be captured in two numbers, which are the circuits under the bust and in the bust.

More information on how to measure Your body can be found here.

How to find the perfect size of panties?

To find the perfect size of panties, measure yourself in the narrowest part of the waist with a loose gauge measure so that it does not cut into the skin. Save the measurement as the waist circumference. In the same way measure your hips at the widest point, and save as hip circumference. Now look at the size chart of the panties:

International Panty Sizing Conversion Chart

USA UK European France Australia / NZ Japan
XS 4 8 XS 36 XS 38 8 S
S 5 10 S 38 S 40 10 M
M 6 12 M 40 M 42 12 L
L 7 14 L 42 L 44 14 LL
XL 8 16 XL 44 XL 46 16 3L
XXL 9 18 XXL 46 XXL 48 18 4L

US panty Size Chart

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US Panty US Alpha US Dress Waist Inches Hips Inches
2 XXS 00 21-22 27-29
3 XS 0-2 23-24 30-32
4 S 4-6 25-26 33-35
5 M 8-10 27-28 36-38
6 L 12-14 29-31 39-41
7 XL 16-18 32-34 42-44
8 XXL 20-22 35-37 45-47
9 3XL 24-26 38-41 48-50
10 4XL 28-30 42-44 51-53
11 5XL 32-34 45-47 54-56

UK panty Size Chart

The UK panty size chart typically consists of waist and hip measurements, which are used to determine the correct size for a comfortable fit. To find your size, measure the circumference of your waist at its narrowest point and the circumference of your hips at their widest point. The measurements can then be compared to a size chart to determine the corresponding UK panty size. Keep in mind that different brands and styles may have slightly different size charts, so it is always best to refer to the specific brand's size chart for the most accurate information.

UK Panty UK Dress Waist Inches Hips Inches
XXS 0-2 22-23 27-29
XS 4-6 24-25 30-32
S 8-10 26-27 33-35
M 12-14 28-29 36-38
L 16-18 29-31 39-41
XL 20-22 32-34 42-44
XXL 24-26 35-37 45-47
3XL 28-30 38-41 48-50
4XL 32-34 42-44 51-53
5XL 36-38 45-47 54-56

EU panty Size Chart

EU Int. Waist CM Hips CM
34 XXS 55-59 68-74
36 XS 60-64 75-82
38 S 65-69 83-90
40 M 70-74 91-98
42 L 74-79 99-103
44 XL 80-87 104-112
46 XXL 88-94 113-120
48 3XL 97-105 121-128
50 4XL 106-112 129-135
52 5XL 113-120 136-143

The selection of these panties is quite important in terms of considerations. For men it is important that they are not too small - they are comfortable and do not harm the man unnecessarily. For women too, they are quite in terms of comfort as well.

If you need detailed information on individual underpants, see our guide: Types of Panties.

How Should Underwear Fit?

When it comes to women panties size, the issue of selecting the proper item that will neatly highlight our body shape while at the same time being optimally comfortable is not as straightforward as it may seem to some. Panty size selection should be therefore preceded by certain preparations that will ensure both successful and satisfactory purchase.

The first and most basic step is to focus on measuring our waist. In order to do that, one should wrap a soft measuring tape around one’s waist and then proceed to noting the taken measurements down on a piece of paper or in a notepad file on the phone or computer. Afterwards, it is highly recommended to measure one’s hips, which will give the person interested in purchasing some neatly matching items of clothing a lot of information that can be presented to the representative of either a brick-and-mortar or online shop. A customer equipped with the aforementioned data can then proceed to determining her size. Women panties size selected will then most likely be simply perfect and wearing a particular item will not be a torment, but rather - a pleasant experience.

We would also like to indicate that while purchasing panties, it is worth taking into account not only their size, but also the quality of material they are made of. If it is above-average in nature, we can be sure that a particular item of clothing will serve us well for quite a long time, even if we decide to wear it on regular basis and wash it several times a week to ensure that is stays clean and fresh.

The most commonly used material composition

To make women's panties both comfortable, useful and, in addition, sexy, it is necessary to use high-quality materials. We give an example of the composition of the material in women's panties:

  • Lace:
    • 88% polyamide
    • 12% elastane
  • Shaving:
    • 92% polyamide
    • 8% spandex
  • Flexible part:
    • 78% polyamide
    • 22% elastane
  • Lining in the crotch:
    • 100% Cotton

Maybe not everyone agrees, but among women's underwear, women's panties deserve special attention. I guess only older or worse-looking ladies, often out of jealousy, can say that the panties can not be beautiful. Let's try to write a little about the panties in this text, maybe one of the women will find out something interesting.

At the beginning it is worth breaking a certain myth. Well, it should be realized that lace panties can be worn by women of all ages, regardless of weight and figure. The aforementioned envyers should understand one thing - for each of them there will be fantastic lace panties. Ideally suited to the size of their pupy and aesthetic preferences. There is no way to not find such pants that will fall into our eye. Especially nowadays, when more collections are created, tailored to more individual preferences.

Frequently asked questions

  • First measure the waist, then measure the hips and finally determine your size in our table: US panty size chart.
  • You will find sizes for US, UK and EU.
  • Of course, in our size charts you will also find the numerical sizes of the panties.