When your daughter is growing up, it may turn out that purchasing the right footwear that will be not only stylish, but also truly comfortable may be a challenge. In order to make the right decision, you must know that there is the need to regularly take measurements of your girl’s foot size in order to be able to select the shoes that will be optimal for her. There is also a strong recommendation to always follow the so-called chart, in which all the available sizes are listed. Please keep in mind that you should refer to said chart quite regularly, as it is adjusted and amended in order to be compliant with the currently applicable standards at all times.

Girls shoe size chart - UK / EU

UK EU Heel to Toe Length (Inches) Heel to Toe Length (cm)
4 20.5 5.78 14.7
5 21.5 6.06 15.4
6 23 6.33 16.1
7 24 6.61 16.8
8 25.5 6.88 17.5
9 27 7.16 18.2
10 28 7.44 18.9
11 29 7.71 19.6
12 30.5 7.99 20.3
13 32 8.26 21
1 33 8.54 21.7
2 34.5 8.81 22.4
3 35.5 9.2 23.1
4 37 9.4 23.9
5 38 9.72 24.7
6 39.5 10 25.4

Average Shoe Sizes

Age Size
Up to 1 3-4
2 5-6
3 7-8
4 9-10
5 10-11
6 11-12
7 12-13
8-9 1-2
10-11 3-4

Width fittings size chart

Width Fitting
D-E Narrow Fit
F Standard Fit
G Wide Fit
H Extra Wide Fit

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Shoe style and size

There is no denying that while making a purchase, style of a given footwear is of exceptional importance, as your daughter will be wearing it while playing with friends and taking part in a variety of family-related events. However, yet another factor that simply has to be taken into account is comfort - your child simply cannot wear shoes that are too small or too loose, as it will impair proper motor skills, as well as may directly translate into severe posture and health-related problems that you would surely like to avoid at all costs. You should also remember that your child will not always tell you if something is wrong, so you should always of for functionality and comfort over style. Taking the rights measurements is also strongly recommended, especially due to the fact that when it comes to girl shoe size chart, it turns out to be remarkably more complicated than the one designed for adults. That is why we have decided to publish this article - within its framework, we want to provide all the readers with comprehensible guidelines thanks to which it will be much easier for them to select the right footwear for their girls. Let us therefore proceed to the main part of this post!

Shoe size according to the age of the child

When it comes to average shoe sizes, they are typically designed with the age of a child in mind. In simple words, it can be stated that girls up to the age of 1 are recommended to wear shoes in sizes ranging from 3 to 4.

Between the age of 2 and 7, your daughter should be really satisfied with footwear in size ranging from 5 to 13, whereas older kids will undoubtedly enjoy shoes in sizes 1 to 2. As it can be seen, the provided guidelines do not start, but rather end with the smallest numbers - that is why it is so important to properly study a chart provided by a specific producer before making a purchase. It will allow us to avoid making a mistake and being forced to replace the purchased item of apparel for a different one, which can be especially problematic while taking advantage of services provided by online shops.

Other Factors Affecting Girl's Shoe Size?

It may seem that all the important factors relating to shoe size have been touched upon but it is not the case. While purchasing footwear for your daughter, you also should take into account fit size, which may differ from producer to producer. In the majority of cases, narrow fit is indicated with the use of letters D and E, standard fit is labeled as F, wide fit is G, whereas extra wide fit is H. Remember that just as it is with adults, trying to walk in too narrow shoes may make the feet of your youngster feel sore and using them on may become very painful pretty quickly. You can easily avoid that - the best idea that every parent should follow is to make sure that he or she has at last 1 to 2 hours spare for footwear fitting. Being in no rush, it is much easier to try out various shoe sizes and styles to finally decide which one is the best and will only look breathtaking, but will also be optimally comfortable for the wearer. If we feel that we are not sure which item to opt for, we can always ask an expert employed in a given store to help us with the task. The workers of footwear-oriented shops are often very knowledgeable and know the current size chart by heart, which will be extremely important to us. By following the guidelines included in this article and the support of an experienced employee, you will surely find the right shoes for your daughter with a remarkable ease!