Find Your Size

Finding the right size of a blazer may now be much easier than some of the readers taking advantage of our articles may expect. It is predominantly caused by a great invention called blazer size chart that is available in both traditional and online shops. Why is it so important when we want to become the happy owners of a blazer in an optimal size? Said blazer size chart made available by a given company or brand is regularly updated to make sure that it is in line with the currently applicable fashion trends, as well as incorporates key measurements in several international standards. The latter fact is of utmost importance, for it makes it possible to compare the available standards basing on chest size, sleeve length, and other pieces of information gathered by the customer before proceeding to making a purchase. If, for some strange reason, there is no blazer size chart available in a given store, we can always ask its representative for help, which will make it possible for us to avoid dissatisfaction and the necessity to engage in rather lengthy return procedures we typically do not have time for.

Blazer size chart

What key measurements should a properly developed blazer size chart incorporate? It is a question that many readers ask us and we can safely say that if you want to be sure that the item of apparel you want to purchase is the right one for you, the key piece of information to get hold of is the chest size, basing on which it is possible to specify what cut, style, and size of item of clothing in question to opt for. Sometimes, other measurements, such as sleeve length may turn out to be of use as well, but the formerly discussed one is much more paramount in our opinion.

Size 384042444648
Chest 90-9495-99100-104105-109110-114115-119
Sleeve length - Regular
(shoulder seam to cuff)
Sleeve length - Short
(shoulder seam to cuff)
Back length - Regular 7373.57474.57575.5
Back length - Short 7070.57171.57272.5

Formal Blazers - Waistcoats

To fit chest Size
Size Inches CM
32" 32 81
34" 34 86
36" 36 91
38" 38 96
40" 40 101
42" 42 106
44" 44 111
46" 46 116

Formal Blazers - Approximate Garment Centre Back Length

Short Regular Long
Size CM Inches CM Inches CM Inches
32" 67 26.4 69.5 27.4 72 28.3
34" 67.5 26.6 70 27.6 72.5 28.5
36" 68 26.8 70.5 27.8 73 28.7
38" 68.5 27 71 28 73.5 28.9
40" 69.5 27.4 72 28.3 74.5 29.3
42" 70 27.6 72.5 28.5 75 29.5
44" 70.5 27.8 73 28.7 75.5 29.7
46" 71 28 73.5 28.9 76 29.9

Formal Blazers - Approximate Garment Sleeve Length

Short Regular Long
Size CM Inches CM Inches CM Inches
32" 62 24.4 64 25.2 66 26
34" 62.5 24.6 64.5 25.4 66.5 26.2
36" 63 24.8 65 25.6 67 26.4
38" 63.5 25 65.5 25.8 67.5 26.6
40" 64.5 25.4 66.5 26.2 68.5 27
42" 65 25.6 67 26.4 69 27.2
44" 65.5 25.8 67.5 26.6 69.5 27.4
46" 66 26 68 26.8 70 27.6

Helpful Hints

Selecting the right blazer may be much easier that it may seem at the first glance, mainly if we decide to take advantage of highly helpful tips prepared for us by experts who have been operating in the industry for quite some time. First and foremost, regardless of whether we decide to take advantage of traditional or online shops, we should always consult the current blazer size chart before making the final purchase in order to be sure that the product we have decided to spend our money on fits us properly. What is also vital is to follow the latest trends with regard to fashion and style in order to be sure that the item of clothing purchased basing on the available blazer size chart will serve us for at least the current season or – if we are even luckier – for several consecutive years to come. We should also always opt for items of clothing that are made out of durable materials, which will be the guarantee that the blazer bought will be resistant to damages and wear that is most probable while using it on everyday basis.

Yet another helpful hint is to always seek the support of a representative of a particular brand or shop if we are not sure whether or not to purchase a given product, as such professional is without a doubt well-versed in the current trends and the specificity of the market, as well as is more than familiar with the preferences of the customers similar to us, which will surely result in us being provided with valuable tips and recommendations. Contrary to the common belief – such help can be provided to us in online shops as well!