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Latest style tips

04 Jan, 2022 / By Sizees
How to adjust jeans to your body type?
30 Aug, 2021 / By Sizees
What does B mean in shoe size?
23 Aug, 2021 / By Sizees
What does EE mean in shoe size?
08 Aug, 2021 / By Sizees
What is plus size?

What is plus size and who is this type of clothing for?

19 Jul, 2021 / By Sizees
What does C mean in shoe size

See in our guide what the letter C means in children's sizes.

07 Jan, 2021 / By Sizees
Tall - clothes for tall women

What does tall mean on the tag? Are you looking for such clothing? See who it is for.

06 Jan, 2021 / By Sizees
Petite - clothes for short women

Petite - see what these women's sizes are

11 Nov, 2020 / By Sizees
How to find your running shoe size?

The most important rules for choosing running shoes - how to buy? Where to buy? Who to buy from?

15 Aug, 2020 / By Sizees
Types of bags

What types of bags are there? Which handbag and how to choose? Check out our guide.

28 Mar, 2020 / By Sizees
New spring 2020 fashion
adidas sweatshirt

Are you looking for new clothes for spring 2020? See our fashion review.

27 Jun, 2019 / By Sizees
Types of hats

What hat to choose for a child, man or woman? See types of men's and women's hats!

26 Jun, 2019 / By Sizees
How to clean leather shoes?
leather shoes

How to cultivate and clean leather shoes? Everything in our guide!

26 Jun, 2019 / By Sizees
Correct Tie Length

What should be the correct length of the tie? Check out our guide for men.

20 Jun, 2019 / By Sizees
What shoes to jeans?

When did the jeans become fashionable and how to choose shoes for them? See in our fashion guide!

16 Jun, 2019 / By Sizees
How to clean suede shoes?

Everything about suede shoes, and especially how to clean them!

12 Jun, 2019 / By Sizees
Women's shoe style guide

What footwear should every woman have in her wardrobe? See our guide!

11 Jun, 2019 / By Sizees
Men's shoes for the summer

What kind of men's shoes to wear for the summer? Sports or elegant?

10 Jun, 2019 / By Sizees
Types of men's suits

Types of suits, tips and important tips - read!

03 Jun, 2019 / By Sizees
How to choose the right bra
set of bras

Do you buy a bra? We will help you choose - remember, choose the right bra for the right breasts.

08 May, 2019 / By Sizees
Types of sweatshirts
types of sweatshirts

The basis of every ladie's and men's wardrobe are sweatshirts. See what types of blouses are available.

07 May, 2019 / By Sizees
Footwear style guide
footwear style

Over 45 types of shoes and the most interesting information about shoes.

30 Apr, 2019 / By Sizees
Body male types
body men types

Before you choose clothes, check your figure. Then read our guide on building a male body!

23 Apr, 2019 / By Sizees
Baggy pants

Do you wear loose pants? Do you know their history of the uprising? Do you know that they are baggy?

22 Apr, 2019 / By Sizees
How to measure Your body circuits?
women body

See how to properly measure your body - chest, hand, foot or hip or belt.

22 Apr, 2019 / By Sizees
Types of Shirts

Which one to choose a T-shirt? What will be the best? See our guide - types of women's and men's shirts.

30 Jan, 2019 / By Sizees
Types of Pants

You do not know your trousers? Do not know what to buy? This is not a problem anymore. See our guide on pants types.

01 Feb, 2019 / By Sizees
Belt size chart

See how to correctly measure the belt to choose the right size. Check the table with the dimensions of the belt.

12 Mar, 2019 / By Sizees
Types of Panties

Are you wondering what to choose panties? See the top 10 types. Choose pants matching your figure.