Some people may think that only European, American, Japanese, and Chinese labeling patterns are popular among producers of items of apparel available both in traditional and in online shops. It turns out that customers should be also prepared to face Mexico size chart and try to decode data contained therein. We are fully aware of the fact that it may be a rather challenging task, especially for some inexperienced clients. Therefore, we have decided to create a separate section of the website devoted to Mexico size chart. Do not hesitate to familiarize with it in your free time!

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Mexico Clothing Sizes for Men

In the case of Mexico size chart prepared for men, customers should be prepared for the traditional XS, S, M, L, and XL sizes to be replaced with ECH, CH, M, G, EG or EEG. While taking advantage of a properly prepared Mexico size chart made by true professionals, you will surely have no difficulties guessing which size corresponds to which one, but it may sometimes be a wise idea not to trust your intuition exclusively and additionally ask the representative of a given shop for support. It will undoubtedly help you avoid many problems and issues!

Mexican Size US Size Bust Waist
Extra Chica/36 XS 34.25 inches
(87 cm)
30 inches
(76 cm)
Chica/38 S 37.5”
(95 cm)
(80 cm)
Mediana/40 M 39.75”
(101 cm)
(84 cm)
Grande/42 L 42”
(107 cm)
(90 cm)
Extra Grande/44 XL 44.5”
(113 cm)
(96 cm)
2X Grande/46 XXL 46”
(117 cm)
(100 cm)
3X Grande/48 XXXL 48.5”
(123 cm)
(104 cm)

Mexico Clothing Sizes for Women

Interestingly enough, when it comes to Mexico size chart designed with females in mind, it is remarkably different from the one that is used in the case of male customers. Clients have to be prepared to juxtapose the measurements they have taken beforehand with two-digit ones, starting from 26 and ending on 48. We are sure that after purchasing some items of apparel once or twice, the system in question will stop being problematic or confusing, but we are fully aware of the fact that some experience and practice is needed to be capable of selecting the proper item of clothing by opting for a Mexico size chart.

Mexican Size US Size Bust Waist
26 2 28”
(71 cm)
(56 cm)
28 4 30”
(76 cm)
(61 cm)
30 6 32”
(81 cm)
(66 cm)
32 8 34”
(86 cm)
(71 cm)
34 10 36”
(91 cm)
(76 cm)
36 12 38”
(97 cm)
(81 cm)
38 14 40”
(102 cm)
(86 cm)
40 16 42”
(107 cm)
(91 cm)
42 18 44”
(112 cm)
(96 cm)
44 20 46”
(117 cm)
(101 cm)
46 22 48”
(122 cm)
(106 cm)
48 24 50”
(127 cm)
(111 cm)

Mexico Clothing Sizes for Children

It is worth mentioning that Mexico size chart is not limited to clothing items designed for men and for women exclusively. The producers also have something for their youngest customers, who can take advantage of items of apparel made especially for them. In order to do so, their parents or legal guardians have to be able to decode data sheets including a labeling system that oscillates from 3 up to 16 and is almost equal to the 4-14 scale that is typical and commonly used in America. We are more than sure that after few attempts, no mistakes will be made in that regard!

Mexican Size US Size Bust Waist
4 20 inches
(51 cm)
14 inches
(36 cm)
5 21.25 inches
(54 cm)
15 inches
(38 cm)
6 22.5 inches
(57 cm)
16 inches
(40 cm)
7-8 7 23.5 inches
(60 cm)
16.5 inches
(42 cm)
8 25 inches
(63 cm)
17.5 inches
(44 cm)
10 26 inches
(66 cm)
18 inches
(46 cm)
12 27 inches
(69 cm)
19 inches
(48 cm)
14-16 14 28 inches
(72 cm)
20 inches
(50 cm)

Mexico shoe size chart

Mexico size charts are not only prepared for specific items of apparel, as it has to be remembered that they apply to footwear as well. Therefore, it is extremely important to consult such a data sheet before finalizing a purchase, regardless of whether we have decided to shop in one of traditional joints or in an online store. If, even after some time, Mexico size chart does not feel truly helpful to us, we can always ask a representative of a particular company for help - it will make it possible for us to avoid a mistake that would otherwise cost us quite dearly!

Mexico Women shoe size chart

US sizes MX sizes inches CM

Mexico Men shoe size chart

US sizes MX sizes inches CM
8 6 9.9375″ 25.4
8.5 6.5 10.125″ 25.7
9 7 10.25″ 26
9.5 7.5 10.4375″ 26.7
10 8 10.5625″ 27
10.5 8.5 10.75″ 27.3
11 9 10.9375″ 27.9
11.5 9.5 11.125″ 28.3
12 10 11.25″ 28.6
12.5 10.5 11.5″ 29.2
13 11 11.5625″ 29.4


Understanding Mexico Sizes

While consulting a Mexico size chart, each and every customer will surely easily understand and see that the sizes provided are quite different from the ones that are typical for American, European, and English customers. It is caused by the fact that the Mexican standard is completely different from its counterparts from other parts of the world, mainly due to the fact that it had to be adjusted to the preferences and body types of individuals living in said country. Thanks to its implementation, the number of returns has decreased quite remarkably and sales of many companies have gone up several hundred percent within just several months. The most important change when it comes to Mexico size chart is the one that replaces standard XS-XXL system with a Mexico-specific one that includes the following labels ECH, CH, M, G, EG, and EEG.

Tips in Buying Mexico sizes

When it comes to buying items of apparel and footwear that are typical for the citizens of Mexico, it may turn out that opting for the Mexico size chart alone may not be enough. In some cases, it may be necessary to remember a few tips. For example, remember that sizing standards opted for in said country are completely different from the UK, US, and European ones. What is more, while purchasing goods for children, keep in mind that their labels are predominantly based on the age of the child rather than on his or her body measurements. Yet another important piece of information is that shoe sizes in Mexico size chart are typically provided in centimeters, regardless whether such data sheets are addressed to women, gentlemen, or children. We are sure that if you decide to take all of the above tips into account, you will have no problems shopping for the desired products!

  • Huaraches are a popular form of Mexican sandals. They are typically made out of leather, and they have a woven strap that goes across the foot. Huaraches have been around for many years, and they are still worn by many people in Mexico. However, there is some confusion as to what size huaraches someone should wear. The answer to this question depends on the person’s shoe size and the width of their foot.
  • In order to answer this question, first we have to understand the Mexican shoe size conversion. The conversion is as follows:
  • A common question that people have about huarache sandals is how tight they should be. It's important to know that the tighter your sandals are, the more support you will get from them. If you tighten them too much, then they can become uncomfortable and cause blisters. We recommend that you start by tightening your sandals just enough to keep them on your feet and then gradually tightening them as needed.