What is Sizees?

Every day, someone buys clothing or footwear. Every week or once a month we buy it ourselves. We have innumerable clothing and clothing manufacturers on the market. If we want to dress well, we will not do it without choosing the right size of clothing or footwear.

That's why this project was created - sizees.com, which is a reflection of the Polish version rozmiary.com.pl. We go against producers, sellers and you - the buyer. Most of us are already doing online shopping. If you can not try on clothes or footwear live, and the seller does not have a given size, then we enter My - sizess.com. With us you will check all the information and choose the right size for you.

What size do You wear?

Do you have a problem with the size selection? Do not worry, we will show you how to properly choose the size of shoes, trousers or other garments. You do not know which bra to choose for your wife or girlfriend? Thanks to a guide regarding the size of bras, you can easily check how big it is! Maybe you have a problem converting inches to centimeters? Forget it, we have a special converter for you to change your feet, inches and centimeters! Are you shopping in another country where is EU size? Quickly come back to us and see which EU size corresponds to US or UK. That's what we are for to help you choose the right size.

Our team is trying to make every guide with sizes or tables of sizes the most accurate. We try to update information about rozmairach on an ongoing basis. If you have noticed the error - please contact us with this, thank you.

What do you find with us?

Men's sizes

Trousers, shoes, suits, clothes, sizes of the most popular brands and a lot more.

Womens's sizes

Trousers, bra, shoes, clothes, sizes of the most popular brands and a lot more.

Children's sizes

Sizes for babies and kids - shoes, clothes, sizes of the most popular brands and a lot more.

Size guide

How to choose? How to try? How to measure? What to wear? Interesting information about size and fashion.


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News in the guide

A useful clothing guide, within the scope of which you will learn how to properly take body measurements and learn interesting facts about pants, fashionable clothes, and the latest clothing trends.

13 Nov, 2022 / By Sizees
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