Within the scope of this article, we would like to discuss the topic that is frequently neglected or completely omitted on other websites that deal with widely understood clothing, namely - underwear size chart. We know all too well that there are many types of underwear, from thongs up to bikini, but we are also aware that it is not the most confusing thing when it comes to purchasing such items of apparel. Taking proper measurements that will make it possible for us to avoid returning underwear, as well as juxtaposing the collected data with underwear size chart are much more paramount and that is why we have decided to focus on them today.

Correct body measurements

Let us start with taking proper, comprehensive measurements that will surely turn out to be of use both in terms of women's underwear size chart and men's underwear size chart. The first step that you should definitely follow is to measure hip size.

How to do that?

You should stand on a level surface and make sure that you have placed your feet together. Then, measure the fullest part of your hips while at the same time keeping your measuring tape parallel with the floor. We hope that this step will not be confusing to you at all. After completing it, you will be a step closer to buying your desired underwear basing on underwear size chart prepared for its customers by a traditional brick-and-mortar or online shop. However, you should not stop there. The next thing you have to keep in mind is that you have to also measure your waist size.

To do so, you should wrap the prior prepared measuring tape around your waistline, while at the same keeping the tape parallel with the floor, similarly to the step discussed above. It will remarkably help you with women's underwear size chart and men's underwear size chart decoding. It is also the last step you have to follow to choose the proper underwear - you have to browse underwear size chart in search for the one that matches the prior taken measurements. When you are equipped with waist and hip sizes, it should go much smoother.

Women's Underwear Size Guide

Size Hips (inches) Pant Size
4/XS34 - 352 - 4
5/S36 - 374 - 6
6/M38 - 398 - 10
7/L40 - 4112 - 14
8/XL42 - 4314 - 16
9/2XL44 - 4516 - 18
10/3XL46 - 4718 - 20

Women's Plus Underwear Size Guide

Size Hips Dress
945 - 46.514W/16W
1047 - 48.518W/20W
1149 - 51.522W/24W
1252 - 55.526W/28W
1356 - 59.530W - 32W
1460 - 63.534W - 36W

Men's Underwear Size Guide

How to measure underwear size for men?

Measuring underwear size for men involves determining two key measurements: waist size and hip size.

  1. Waist size: To measure your waist size, wrap a measuring tape around the narrowest part of your waist, just above the navel. This is typically the place where you would wear the waistband of your pants.

  2. Hip size: To measure your hip size, wrap the measuring tape around the widest part of your hips, which is typically about 7 to 8 inches below your waist.

Once you have these two measurements, you can refer to the size chart of the brand you are buying from to determine the appropriate size for you. Keep in mind that different brands may have slightly different size charts, so it's a good idea to measure yourself each time you purchase a new brand of underwear.

It's also important to note that if you are between sizes, it's usually best to go up a size for underwear, as a snug fit is more important for comfort and support.

Size Waist (inches)
S 28 - 30
M 32 - 34
L 36 - 38
XL 40 - 42
2XL 44 - 46
3XL 48 - 50

Men's Underwear Size Guide

Size Waist (inches)
S 28 - 30
M 32 - 34
L 36 - 38
XL 40 - 42
2XL 44 - 46
3XL 48 - 50

Boys underwear size chart

Size Weight (lbs) Waist (inches)
XS/434 - 4322
S/6-844 - 6823 - 24
M/10-1269 - 10025 - 26
L/14-16101 - 12527 - 29
XL/18-20126 - 14630 - 32

Size Chest (inches) Height (inches)
LH 14H - 16H32.5 - 33.534.5 - 36
XLH 18H -20H35 - 36.537.5 - 39

Girls underwear size chart

Size Waist (inches) Weight (lb)
62339 - 49
82450 - 67
102568 - 84
122685 - 95
142796 - 107
1628108 - 119
6/823 - 2439 - 67
10/1225 - 2668 - 95
14/1627 - 2896 - 119

Sizes of women's and men's underwear

Typically, underwear sizes range from XS to 3X or from 24" to 41" in the case of waist to 34.5" to 51" with regard to hips. It is worth mentioning that many producers do their best to adjust the current sizes to the applicable fashion trends and their target group of customers, which means that the available underwear size chart may be adjusted several times a year. It is therefore worth checking the table right before making the purchase to avoid the unpleasant necessity of returning underwear you are not satisfied with or replacing it with an item of clothing of a matching size.

Shopping for underwear in store and online store

We would also like to highly recommend all our readers to purchase underwear in traditional shops, as in many cases, it is possible to try the desired items of clothing on, and - if not - the customer has the possibility of asking the representative of the shop whether or not a given item will be suitable. It is not possible when it comes to online-based purchases, even if we study women's underwear size chart or men's underwear size chart carefully and correctly.

Underwear from famous manufacturers

The last piece of advice we would like to include in this article is to opt for well-known and highly recognizable brands, as they typically offer their customers goods made of highest quality materials that are not only durable, but also comfortable to wear. We typically advise against making excessive savings on items of apparel, but when it comes to underwear, it is strongly discouraged and should be avoided at all possible costs. The only scenario when such a solution is acceptable is when you come across a sale or a remarkable promotion allowing you to purchase top quality underwear for a fraction of its standard price. Then you can be sure that the price-to-quality ratio will be more than optimal and you will be satisfied with the purchase made.

We hope that thanks to the pieces of information included in this article, you will never again have any problems with purchasing underwear basing on underwear size chart provided by both producers and shops you will decide to go shopping to.