The size of bras

Brafitting - what is it?

Brafitting in other words, a perfect fit bra not only in terms of size, but also the right model. Remember that each bust is different, and the fact that we have the same size as a friend, does not guarantee that the same bra model will be just as good for both of us.

It is known that men would prefer women without bras. Unfortunately, like every day, a women's group must set up the necessary bra for work, office, city or for another occasion. Therefore, it's time to help women choose the right bra.

How to choose the size of a bra?

Let's start with the fact that each bra size has two components: number and letter. Let's first start with the number - it is the circumference of the woman's chest. In contrast, the letter will tell us about the size of the bra cup. In summary, if we have 75D, this means that a woman's bra fits for a woman with a circumference of 75 and a cup D.

How to calculate the size of the bra cup?

This is a simple result of action A - B. The letter A is the circumference in the bust, while the letter B is the size under the bust. So subtracting A from B will give us the result, which we must then find in the table below. Based on this, we will be able to determine the correct cup size.

How to calculate the size under the bust?

Size under the bust is not the same as the circumference in centimeters! To calculate the size, do the following:

  • the best tailor measure measure the circumference under the bust in centimeters, squeezing well so that the measure is not loose
  • from the result you will receive, subtract 3
  • then round the result to decimal or ... 5

For example: if you have 82 cm in the circumference under the bust, you subtract 3 comes out 79, so you round to 80 - your size under the bust is 80!

Cup size

What is the result of subtraction? The circumference in the bust minus the circumference under the bust equals the subtraction result and the selection of the correct bra cup.

Subtraction result Cup size
07-09 AA
9,5-11,5 A
12-14 B
14,5-16,5 C
17-19 D
19,5-21,5 DD
22-24 E
24,5-26,5 F
27-29 FF
29,5-31,5 G
34,5-36,5 H
37-39 HH
39,5-41,5 J
42-44 JJ
44,5-46,5 K
47-49 KK

Bra size

Bra size Circuit under the bust
60 60 – 65 cm
65 66 – 71 cm
70 72 – 76 cm
75 77 – 81 cm
80 82 – 86 cm
85 87 – 91 cm
90 92 – 96 cm
95 97 – 101 cm
100 102 – 106 cm
105 107 – 111 cm
110 112 – 116 cm

Remember: measurements are not everything!

The size that we obtain by subtraction or using a calculator or tape is only preliminary. It often happens that two people of identical size should wear bras in two different sizes. Much also depends on the shape and condition of the breast, as well as on individual differences in body structure.

For example: ladies with spherical busts will most likely have to choose a slightly larger bowl than the one received in the table, and for ladies with cone busts, smaller cups will probably fit than it would appear in the table.

A multitude of sizes and types of bras can give you a headache. Starting from bras for everyday use, through immobilizing sports bras, ending with breast enhancement push-up bras.

How do you know that the bra is badly chosen?

The clasp at the back of the bra floats up.

The back of the bra should be arranged in a straight line under the blades. If the clasp of our bra is rising, it means that most of the weight of the breast is based on the straps, and the circumference of our bra is too large.

The bra's circumference is tight.

If we can not move freely or deeply breathe in the bra, we should increase the size of its circumference.

Breasts do not fill the cups.

The breasts should not fall into the bra inertly and create an empty space in the top of the bowl. It's worth reducing its size.