Contrary to the common belief, selecting a proper boy shoe size is not an easy task. Numerous consecutive measurements have to be made in order to ensure that every single shoe purchased for a child in accordance with the chart provided by the producer will be successful and satisfactory.

Boy shoe size chart - US

Size (US) Foot Lenght (Inch) Worn by
1C 3 5/8 Baby
2C 4 Baby
3C 4 3/8 Baby
4C 4 3/4 Toddler
5C 5 Toddler
6C 5 1/4 Toddler
7C 5 5/8 Toddler
8C 6 Small Child
9C 6 1/4 Small Child
10C 6 5/8 Small Child
11C 6 7/8 Small Child
12C 7 1/8 Small Child
13C 7 3/8 Small Child
1Y 7 5/8 Big Child/Youth
2Y 8 Big Child/Youth
3Y 8 3/8 Big Child/Youth
4Y 8 5/8 Big Child/Youth
5Y 9 Big Child/Youth
6Y 9 3/4 Big Child/Youth

Boy shoe size chart by age

Boys' Age US Size Foot length (Inch)
1 year 3C 4 3/8"
2 years 6C 5 1/4"
3 years 9C 6 1/4"
4 years 11C 6 7/8"
5 years 12.5C 7 1/4"
6 years 13.5C 7 1/2"
7 years 1Y 7 5/8"
8 years 2Y 8"
9 years 3Y 8 3/8"
10 years 4Y 8 5/8"
11 years 5Y 9"
12 years 6Y 9 3/4"
13 years 7 US Men 10"
14 years 8 US Men 10 1/6"
15 years 9 US Men 10 1/2"
16 years 10 US Men 10 5/6"

Boy shoe size chart - UK / EU

UK Size EU Size Foot Length (Millimetres)
2 17½101
3 18½109
4 20117
5 21126
6 22½134
7 24142
8 25½151
9 27159
10 28168
10½ 28½172
11 29176
11½ 29½181
12 30185
12½ 31189
13 32193
13½ 32½198
1 33202
2 34210
3 35½219
4 37227
5 38236
6 39½244
7 41253
8 42261
9 43269
10 44½278

See also:

What shoes for a newborn?

According to the experts who are well-versed in the art of shoe-fitting, newborn babies should wear shoes in sizes ranging from 1C to 3C. While translated into inches, it is equal to 3 5/8 - 4 3/8. The range may seem to be rather small, but in the case of the majority of the babies, their feet tend to grow relatively slowly, especially in relation to the rest of the body, meaning that the three basic sizes cover a rather impressive set of ages and body types. Toddlers have as many as four shoe sizes ascribed to them in the majority of charts available nowadays. They oscillate from 4C to 7C and range from 4 ¾ to 5 5/8 inches. As you can see, after several months after your baby being born, the selection of the appropriate boy shoe size may become notably more different. It means that while purchasing such items of apparel, regardless if you opt for a brick-and-mortar or an online shop, you may choose to ask a professional employed there for some help. He or she should be more than happy to provide you with all the vital pieces of information and dispel all the doubts you may have.

What next shoes for the boy?

After some time, there will come a day when the toddler stop being one and becomes a small child. He will start growing rapidly and you have to keep in mind that his feet will start growing with him. In the footwear-related branch of industry, as many as six shoe sizes are designed with small children in mind - they range from 8C to 13 C and are dedicated to youngsters with foot length between 6 and 7 3/8 inches. The last category of shoe sizes we would like to touch upon within the scope of this article is the one pertaining to big children, who typically wear up to six sizes of footwear. Experts working in the field for quite some time refer to them as to 1Y - 6Y sizes, in the case of which “Y” is the abbreviation of “youth”. They are suitable for youngsters with foot sizes ranging from 7 5/8 to 9 ¾ inches. After exceeding said dimensions, there is a strong recommendation to opt for footwear made for adults.

Is the selection of shoes for a boy a quick matter?

As it can be easily seen, selecting proper shoes for a child is not an easy task and may turn out to be really demanding, even for parents who are rather experienced when it comes to purchasing items of apparel for their youngsters. Therefore, we strongly advise to purchase footwear in brick-and-mortar shops, as there is a possibility of trying out a number of various items and purchasing only the ones which are considered to be perfectly fitting. In the case of online shops, it may be at least a little bit different, because after trying out the shoes and coming to the conclusion that they are too small, an entire procedure has to be initiated to make it possible to replace the item with a different one, starting from filing in a form, packing the footwear, sending the goods to the producer, and then waiting for typically quite some time for a decent replacement or money return. All that can be easily avoided while making sensible purchasing decisions. We should also do our best to purchase shoes that are made out of top quality materials and finished in a meticulous manner, as only then can we be sure that they will not become easily damaged or destroyed completely due to our child using them while having fun with friends or family members. To avoid all the possible problems, always take careful measurements, try our numerous shoes, as well as do not hesitate to ask a professional employed in the shop to help you finding the right boy shoe size, basing on the available size chart or on his or her own experience in the field. It will surely save you a lot difficulties and make shopping for shoes for your youngster quite an enjoyable experience that you will be willing to repeat after some time.