Some of the popular brands may have their own individual sizes. Even if it is the case, you can use the following guide, but keep small differences in mind. You do not know what size to choose - US 12 or 14, or maybe UK 8 or 10? On the basis of the measurements taken, as well as tests and analyzes carried out, we have created the most universal table of dresses sizes.

Dresses size chart - measurements

UK size US size Bust Waist Hips

Dresses size chart international

US 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20
UK sizes4681012141618202224
France sizes3234363840424446485052
Germany sizes3436384042444648505254
Italy sizes3638404244464850525456
Japan sizes5791113151719212327

How to find your dresses size?

It's best to take some measurements of your body. Focus should be predominantly put on the bust, waist, and hips. Thanks to that, you will be able to verify the size of the dresses by comparing the measurements with the tables above. Additionally, check if the dress is sold in the size typical for EU, US or UK - it is very important. If the size falls between, for example, 8 and 10, choose the bigger one, which will help you avoid buying a dress that is too tight.

Perfect dresses for a pear-shaped woman

An envelope or a shirt dress will be perfect for your body shape. V-neckline will expose the neck and the cut at the waist will perfectly highlight the narrow waist. The bottom should be slightly flared to allow hips to flow freely. Patterns and decorations on the upper part of the body will also work perfectly making your body look perfectly proportional and beautiful.

Perfect dresses for an hourglass-shaped woman

The silhouette in question was adored in the 1950s and 60s of the last century. Therefore, it should be presented in dresses inspired by that period. A tight top, as well as perfectly fitted waist and bottom will nicely highlight your figure, emphasizing the bust, flattening the belly, and exposing the narrow waist. Look for dresses with a deep, round neckline or those heart-shaped ones.

Perfect dresses for an apple-shaped woman

You can hide the lack of a clearly visible waist by exposing the narrowest part of the silhouette - in your case, it will be the rib area. Items of clothing that form the waistline just under the bust will be great, for they will extend the silhouette. A perfect choice will also be an envelope dress with a v-neckline.

What dresses to wear to look neat?

Buying a well-chosen dress is a remarkable challenge for most women. They all differ from one another in terms of dimensions and proportions, whereas most of the clothes in the stores look like they have been created for one type of figure only. It is commonly known that there are almost as many types of body shape as there are women in the world. Fortunately enough, there are several major subtypes that can be identified. After specifying yours, it will be much easier to choose each outfit to emphasize what is worth emphasizing and to hide the shortcomings.