Alpha Industries size guide

About the Alpha Industries brand

Is Alpha Industries a new brand in the clothing industry? Oh no! Logic and Kany West just reminded her for several reasons. The brand itself has been on the market since the 19th century, and more specifically 1959. Interestingly, she focused her beginnings on the production of military clothing for the United States. The popularity of Alpha Industries has grown at a dizzying pace and has become a recognized international clothing brand. The most famous and valued are their unique Alpha Industries jackets. The offer includes bombers, longer jackets (parkas with fur) and many others, which of course are worth paying attention to. Thus, the above-mentioned artists in advertising spots only reminded of the existence of such a popular brand as Alpha Industries.

Men's Alpha Industries Size Chart

Size Chest (cm) Growth (cm)
XS 81-86 147-157
S 86-91 152-170
M 97-102 165-188
L 102-107 170-193
XL 112-117 170-193
XXL 117-122 170-193

Women's Alpha Industries Size Chart

Size Waist (cm) Chest (cm) Hips (cm)
XS 56-64 79-84 84-89
S 64-69 84-89 89-94
M 69-74 89-94 94-99
L 76-81 94-99 102-107
XL 84-89 99-104 109-114

Alpha Industries - a real pattern of military clothing!

Alpha Industries is also becoming more and more popular in Poland. You too can now feel like a real commando thanks to Alpha Industries clothing. Jackets, cargo pants, t-shirts and much more/.

Currently, Alpha Industries is no longer associated only with super durable, warm and highly reliable military clothing, today it is also a manufacturer of clothing for civilians. This brand is known and appreciated all over the world, especially in Europe and Asia. Alpha Industries clothing convinces with a perfect combination of extremely high quality and functional design.