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What are these pants?

Male, but also women's baggy pants that are loose and closely related to street music. Probably their prototype was prison uniforms. Prisoners did not have the opportunity to use the trousers' straps, so the trousers were loosely drawn - often to the knees. NBA believes that their players, including Michael Jordan, started the fashion for baggy jeans - baggy. What is the history of their creation? It is difficult to determine, but certainly the competitors of the benefit contributed to the popularization of bad type trousers. Another theory concerns hip-hopers, and the justification for assigning them "rights" to baggy goes deep into history. Hip Hop is music based on the lives of young people on the street and in its rhythm. Their characteristic feature was black leather. It is said that this mix of African American cultures influenced the generation that eventually came to the streets of American cities and in their past it should be seen as the baggy that we know from the times when hip-hop reigned.

Baggy jeans


At the beginning, the biggest hit of baggy pants were jeans. Fanatics of both hip-hop and rap have caught the fashion and trend for this type of pants. Interestingly, they were buying pants two sizes larger and deliberately leaving them which gave them the desired effect. It is thanks to street people that fashion for baggy has evolved as a subculture trend. The fashion industry, however, quickly adopted this idea and baggy pants, whose characteristic feature is that they are loose around the perineum, but narrowed downwards - can be found in every edition possible. Men's baggy trousers are finished with cuffs on the legs. Their most important feature is exceptional convenience. They do not restrict movement, either at the top or at the bottom, where they do not unnecessarily get tangled with shoes, which in combination with baggy are a great finishing touch for stylization.

What are the baggy pants out for?

Baggy pants are an ideal proposition for streetwear enthusiasts who put on spontaneity and express themselves in expressing themselves. You can put them both on a getaway in the city with friends and as part of the outfit in which we are heading for a strength. They correspond with t-shirts, longsleeves and hooded sweatshirts or without. To finish styling with baggy in the main role is worth to put on a street-jacket or quilted waistcoat.