About the Ralph Lauren brand

The brand, which was founded by Ralph Lauren himself, was founded in 1967 in the USA, and specifically based in New York. The renowned clothing brand Polo Ralph Lauren offers clothing and clothes, as well as footwear. Ralph Lauren is famous among other things for polo shirts. Below you can find the Polo Ralph Lauren size with the exact dimensions in centimeters (CM). Ralph Lauren brand designs are modern, and there are also timeless ones.

The recognizable premium brand Ralph Lauren is one of the coveted clothing brands in the world. From the beginning, Ralph Lauren has been focused on wealthy customers and to this day offers products for this narrow group of customers. The offer includes not only clothes, but also high-quality shoes, accessories and perfumes. Ralph Lauren also includes other brands such as Polo Ralph Lauren, Denim and Supply Ralph Lauren and Polo Ralph Lauren Underwear.

Men's jeans by Ralph Lauren


Men's trousers size chart

Waist66 – 71.1cm71.1 – 76.2cm78.7 – 86.4cm88.9 – 96.5cm101.6 – 106.7cm109.2 – 114.3cm

Men's sweatshirts and t-shirts

Chest78.7 – 86.4 cm88.9 – 94 cm96.5 – 101.6 cm106.7 – 114.3 cm116.8 – 121.9 cm124.5 – 132.1 cm
Neck35.6 cm35.6 – 36.8 cm38.1 – 39.4 cm40.6 – 41.9 cm43.2 – 44.5 cm45.7 – 47 cm
Sleeve81.3 – 82.6 cm81.3 – 83.8 cm86.4 – 88.9 cm88.9 – 91.4 cm91.4 – 94 cm94 – 96.5 cm
Waist66 – 71.1 cm71.1 – 76.2 cm78.7 – 86.4 cm88.9 – 96.5 cm101.6 – 106.7 cm109.2 – 114.3 cm

Men's shoes - Ralph Lauren sizes

Size US55.566.577.588.599.51010.51111.51212.5131415
Size UK44.555.566.577.588.599.51010.51111.5121314
Size EU3838.53939.54040.54141.54242.54343.54444.54545.5464748

Women's pants

Bust82.6 cm85.1 cm87.6 cm90.2 cm92.7 cm95.3 cm99.1 cm102.9 cm108 cm
Waist64.8 cm67.3 cm69.9 cm72.4 cm74.9 cm77.5 cm81.3 cm85.1 cm90.2 cm
Hip90.2 cm92.7 cm95.3 cm97.8 cm100.3 cm102.9 cm106.7cm110.5 cm115.6 cm

Women's sweatshirts and t-shirts - size chart Ralph Lauren

Size US024681012141618
Size UK46810121416182022
Bust83.8 cm86.4 cm88.9 cm91.4 cm94 cm96.5 cm100.3 cm104.1 cm43″
109.2 cm
114.3 cm
Waist66 cm68.6 cm71.1 cm73.7 cm76.2 cm78.7 cm82.6 cm86.4 cm91.4 cm96.5 cm
Hip91.4 cm94 cm96.5 cm99.1 cm101.6 cm104.1 cm108 cm111.8 cm116.8 cm121.9 cm

Women's shoes - sizes

Size US55.566.577.588.599.51010.51111.512
Size UK33.544.555.566.577.588.599.510
Size EU35.53636.5373838.5394040.5414242.5434444.5

Childrens shoes size chart

Size US3.544.555.566.57
Size UK33.544.555.566.5
Size EU34.5353637383939.540

Ralph Lauren glasses

Each pair of Ralph Lauren glasses is signed with a discreet Polo inscription on the glasses and earmuffs. They are made of high quality materials - metals and plastics. The richness of color frames and the variety of shapes - including frames inscribed in the form of an oval, circle, rectangle or square allow you to easily choose the right pair that matches the beauty and preferences of the client. The variety of available glasses (smooth and mirror), the right matching of their colors to the frames and a high UV 400 filter makes the sunglasses perfectly protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays.

A classic weekend chic

The modern version of the iconic proposals is definitely the hallmark of a designer who is passionate about minimalism and universalism. Due to the brand's subdued designs, men's clothing from Polo Ralph Lauren looks great on any type of male figure and suits men of all ages. Particularly interesting is the line of shirts with a collar, which are sewn from the highest quality fabrics with subdued and at the same time joyful colors. Among the smooth materials, fine-cut fashions stand out quite a lot, which will create an interesting duo with white or pastel pants. Stylish chinos in light shades interestingly combine with the iconic polo shirt in a contrasting color, and complete the whole with a light sweater, imposed on the shoulders and leather moccasins.

Men's clothing from Polo Ralph Lauren

A classic shirt with a collar, kept in a climate of cool, business elegance is a great idea to create an outfit with a hint of rebellious style and urban nonchalance. Match the shirt to the material shorts with the cuff, and as a complement to the look, choose a dark, sporty hoodie with a front fastening. The fusion of sports jam and cocktail note deserves to be emphasized, so as accessories match the leather shoulder bag and massive, reaching above the ankle sneakers in pure white. If your style oscillates around slightly more traditional sets, reach for the combination of a sweater with a diamond neckline and material pants. On a colder day, instead of wearing a regular jacket, put on a sweater and shirt, and thanks to the protruding collar you will add a pinch of elegance in a high fashion climate to your outfit. Also take care of the details and focus on simple accessories, such as a large watch and leather strap. Men's sports clothing from Polo Ralph Lauren in the sports edition is also original zipped sweatshirts and spring jackets, perfect for a weekend getaway outside the city.