Crocs size guide

How to choose the size of Crocs?

Are you not sure how to choose the right size of Crocs shoes? We you are here to help you! We have prepared three tables with Crocs sizes - for women, men, and children.

Crocs footwear is probably one of the most comfortable shoes - at least the majority of clients think so. The brand focuses primarily on creating light and practical products. In addition, Crocs uses interesting, fashionable, and modern styles and colors while designing its shoes. They are made out of an unsual elastic material called Crostile. Thanks to its use, the footwear is light and – what is even more important – exceptionally comfortable.

Shoes for kids by Crocs

Length of the insert (cm) Size EU Size US
9.0 16-17 C1
9.8 17-18 C2
10.7 18-19 C3
11.5 19-20 C4
12.3 20-21 C5
13.2 23 C6
14.0 24 C7
14.9 25 C8
15.7 26 C9
16.6 27 C10
17.4 28 C11
18.3 29-30 C12
19.1 30-31 C13
20.0 32-33 J1
20.8 33-34 J2
21.7 34-35 J3
22.5 36-37 J4
23.3 37-38 J5
24.2 38-39 J6

Men's - shoes

Length of the insert (mm) Size EU Size US
221 36-37 M4
229 37-38 M5
238 38-39 M6
246 39-40 M7
255 41-42 M8
263 42-43 M9
272 43-44 M10
280 45-46 M11
288 46-47 M12
297 48-49 M13
305 49-50 M14
314 50-51 M15

Women's - shoes

Length of the insert (mm) Size EU Size US
229 36,5 W6
238 37,5 W7
246 38,5 W8
255 39,5 W9
263 41 W10
272 42,5 W11

Crocband and other shoes by Crocs

The Crocs brand has made a name for itself on the market. Mostly in summer, we wear its shoes together with jeans, short pants, or other items of apparel. Children often go for the Crocband model with fairytale characters printed on them.

If you are looking for Crocs and you do not know which size to choose, check the table above - it will help you make a choice.

Did you know that..

.. .. the word "crocs" has until recently meant elegant crocodile leather shoes? Today, Crocs is an almost iconic brand of footwear, the hallmark of which are ergonomic shoes made out of a special, elastic Crostile material providing exceptional comfort for the wearer’s feet. How is it possible that shoes with such a specific design have become recognizable all over the world? Apparently, nowadays the look is not everything - the world of fashion is slowly focusing on good quality as well.

Quality of Crocs footwear that you will fall in love with

Crocs is a shoe brand that is controversial in the fashion world - some love it, others are not convinced when it comes to their looks. Given a huge number of fans the brand has gained in such a short time, it can be safely said that those who do not have one pair of shoes of this brand in their closet have apparently not had the opportunity to test them on their own. Crocs offers its goods to both women, men, and children. Such iconic shoes are not only about the technologically advanced Crostile materials. They are additionally equipped with protrusions massaging the foot while walking and non-slip soles. On top of that, they are extremely light. The initial and the most recognizable models of the brand are flip-flops and bathing sandals available in many different colors - from smooth, subdued combinations to more bold shades and even multicolored patterns. In addition, the brand's offer includes footwear for every season - from sandals, through waterproof willies, up to warm boots.

Crocs - footwear and fashion

Even though comfort and convenience will always be main advantages of Crocs, it does not mean that we cannot use them to create fashionable and interesting stylizations. These iconic shoes are usually worn during summer - they fit light beach-style sets perfectly - women can boldly wear them combined with their favorite oversized knitted dress and shopping bags, whereas men can add denim shorts and a patterned shirt with rolled up sleeves to make them more stylish. In winter, it is definitely worth putting on boots, especially when it comes to children - high, insulated top in vivid colors will make winter walks nicer and allow you to enjoy the snowy season. On everyday basis, it is worth reaching for slippers, which will make the time spent at home more pleasant thanks to the additional warm finish. Are you still thinking about buying iconic Crocs shoes? Choose your favorite pair and enjoy the comfort of everyday use.