The hat, and from the Latin capella goat (capella koza), was a widely used headgear in ancient times. Later, for some time, he was not appreciated until he returned to the salons again. Today, a fashionable and commonly used hat used to emphasize stylization or protection from the sun.

Originally, the hat was a classic of British elegance. Although a lot has changed since then, the timeless headgear still combines two features: it is practical and introduces something to the outfit. Check out our stylization tricks to find out how to choose hats for a silhouette, as well as for outfits in various styles.

Adult Hat size chart

Head Circumference (cm)Head Circumference (in)Size
54 cm21 1/4 inS
55 cm21 5/8 inS
55.9 cm22 inM
56.8 cm22 3/8 inM
57.8 cm22 3/4 inL
58.7 cm23 1/8 inL
59.7 cm23 1/2 inXL
60.6 cm23 7/8 inXL

Children's Hat size chart

Head Circumference (cm)Head Circumference (in)Size
49.2 cm19 3/8 inS
50.2 cm19 3/4 inS
51 cm20 1/8 inM
52 cm20 1/2 inM
53 cm20 7/8 inL
54 cm21 1/4 inL
55 cm21 5/8 inXL
55.9 cm22 inXL

Popular types of hats

The most popular types can be distinguished, among others:

  • cylinder
  • bowler
  • bicorne
  • fedora
  • conical (Asian hat)

What elements does the hat consist of?

Headgear, which is a hat, is not only a roundabout and a crown, but also the edge of the roundabout (raw, rolled up or laminated), upper fold (embossment in the head of the hat), front fold (otherwise sockets) and ornament (decorations or accessories). On the other hand, from the bottom of the hat, we can distinguish the potnik, the inner lining of the hat (otherwise the lining) and the bow tie.

How to choose hat size?

We consider two situations - if you already have a hat, check its size from the inside. Manufacturers usually use a similar size. In a situation when you can not verify the size, do the following: with a centimeter tape check your head circumference (preferably in the middle of the forehead) by holding the tape over the ears. When the dimension falls between sizes (for example M a L) it is suggested to choose a larger size (in this case L).

Adjust the hat to the styling

The advantages of the hat include, among other things, emphasizing the originality of the outfit and the addition of notes of mystery. In addition, it is also worth rethinking the choice of the hat to properly emphasize the nature of the clothing set. Throughout the year, a good choice will be the fedora model, which has dominated the catwalks for many seasons. This characteristic headgear with medium-brimmed round looks great both in men's and women's versions. You can choose them for rock sets, as well as connections on the border between smart and casual styles. In the summer you can choose from variants made of straw material or straws. The model made of soft fabric is the best choice for a sports set. It will be useful both on the beach and during a long trip outside the city. A braided hat works well as a supplement to the summer style in the sailor style. You can successfully take it on holiday and also carry it in the urban version. We gladly choose clothes in light colors made of natural fabrics. Our trick: in the women's version, a straw hat with a large, soft brim perfectly turns up the boho outfits. An interesting alternative to a woven headgear for summer is also a sun protection roof.