It is not a secret that when it comes to jeans, there are numerous styles and cuts that one can opt for. Jeans size chart may help us when it comes to size, but in our humble opinion, it is much more important to familiarize oneself with a comprehensive jeans size guide that will make the selection of the desired style of the discussed item of apparel notably easier. In order to make it less complicated for our readers, we have decided to create a short guidebook ourselves!

Regular jeans for the undemanding

This is the most universal and classic jeans cut that suits practically every body type and in the case of which jeans size conversion will not be required. The leg is straight and has the same width along its entire length. Who should opt for regular jeans after consulting the jeans size chart of a specific brand? Such a product will be just perfect for pear-shaped females who have certain issues with bigger thighs. Such a cut will make the silhouette look proportional and neat, as the wider hips and bigger calves will be less visible.

Skinny fit - perfect for athletic body types

Next in our jeans size guide are skinny fit jeans. They are considered by experts to be one of the most popular styles of jeans. They fit the body tightly, but may also emphasize any and all of its shortcomings. Therefore, they require a rather shapely and proportional figure, as well as long, slim legs. They should be opted for by the ladies who are fit and would love to show their exceptional body to the public. Jeans size chart may also be useful to consult, especially to avoid the necessity of returning the purchased item of clothing that may be problematic at times, especially when it comes to online shops.

Intriguing bootcuts

It is a model, in the case of which the leg of the jeans is slightly narrower at the knee and a little wider at the bottom. It is perfect for women with short legs. Bootcut jeans worn with high heels will make you visually slimmer. When it comes to such a solution, jeans size conversion may sometimes be required, so if you are not sure if such jeans will fit you, it is much better to visit a brick-and-mortar shop to try on such items of apparel there directly, rather than wait for a parcel sent by the representatives of an online shop.

Boyfriends for bold ladies

Those are undoubtedly one of jeans models that are most often chosen by women. They are wide at the top and tapered at the bottom. This type of cut is quite unusual, so if an improper jeans size chart is opted for and the product is not skillfully selected, it can distort the silhouette. Well-fitted boyfriend jeans are loose in the thigh area and fitting around the waist. The discussed cut will surely be perfect for both slim women and ladies wearing larger sizes, providing that they read our jeans size guide carefully. They perfectly mask wide and massive thighs and hips. Nevertheless, we have to state that such products are not recommended for women with short legs because they shorten the body visually to a remarkable extent.

Flared trousers for fashion-conscious ladies

Flared jeans, that is - denim pants with legs that widen from the knee, optically slim the legs and hide wide calves. Nevertheless, women with broad hips should avoid them - in their case, flared jeans will disturb the proportions and make the whole body look heavier than it really is. Before making a purchase, you should also properly consult the jeans size chart that may be a bit different when it comes to this cut. It may be also a good idea to look up the jeans size conversion table to be on the safe side.

Mom pants for women loving comfort

Mom jeans was one of the top styles of jeans in the 90s. They are characterized by a very high waist (reaching to the navel) and wide legs that are often slightly tapered. Said products included in our jeans size guide should be worn by rather thin women characterized by a boyish figure, so - having narrow waist and hips. They will visually add a few centimeters to the hips, and while combined with inappropriate clothes (for example - a loose, long sweater), they may deform the body optically, especially if you are not careful.

Summing up…

As it can be easily seen, there are many cuts and styles of jeans available on the market, both in brick-and-mortar and in online shops, so adjusting them to our body type may not be as problematic as we initially thought. However, to be perfectly sure that such items of apparel will fit us neatly, we should always consult jeans size chart, as well as familiarize ourselves with a jeans size guide before making a purchase. It is also worth asking a professional being a representative of a given shop for help - he or she will gladly answer all the questions we may have, as well as will likely dispel all of our doubts, making the final decision a remarkably easier one to make. Such a representative may even provide us with a jeans size conversion table, thanks to which we will be well equipped to start browsing through the available jeans and finally - to make the most satisfactory decision possible.

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