You are probably fully aware that there are several body types that have been identified by experts and that are taken into account while recommending specific styles or individual items of clothing to fashion-conscious individuals, especially women. In our experience, one specific body type is often neglected and does not receive the amount of attention it deserves. Therefore, we have decided to change that and provide some clothing-related advices for ladies with pear-shaped bodies.

Pear Body Shape

The main idea behind adjusting the type and style of clothing to one’s body shape is to achieve a natural, stunning look that will highlight one’s distinctive features while at the same time hiding all the possible imperfections. In our humble opinion, the most important issue is to feel confident and beautiful, not only while being alone but also while taking part in a variety of business, cultural, as well as family-related events. We want to help pear-shaped body owners to feel comfortable and look simply astounding everywhere they go!

Definition: pear-shaped body type

Let us start with a brief definition. According to dieticians and other experts dealing directly with health, pear-shaped body type is characteristic due to hips and bottom being wider than shoulders and bust of a particular person. In order to proudly show your body to others, you should definitely opt for items of clothing that are brightly colored and/or have additional vivid imprints on them. Said rule especially applies to clothes worn in the upper body area, so predominantly - to t-shirts, shirts, blouses, and sweaters. In order to focus others’ attention on your upper half, you should combine such bold hues with rather darker colors of pants, skirts, and shoes.

Key accessory

You can additionally make your overall look more sophisticated and fashionable by adorning it with some additional accessories, especially in the form of elegant, minimalistic necklaces and bright scarves. They will surely look perfectly on you, especially during autumn and winter seasons, when we tend to wear more clothes on daily basis. Then, every additional bit, especially shiny or vivid one, may make the entire outfit look remarkably better on your pear-shaped body. The most important rule you should always keep in mind is to try to optimally balance your proportions in such a way to make your legs and hips look smaller, while at the same time visually enlarging your shoulders. It is especially important when you tend to work with people a lot and would like to always feel confident.

Dress to pear shaped body

A separate paragraph has to be devoted to dresses, as their choice may be rather difficult, especially with the number of styles and cuts available, both in brick-and-mortar and in online shops. Ladies with pear-shaped body type should predominantly opt for the so-called A-line and fit and flare skirts. They should also be perfectly adjusted to your size, which will result in a slim, appealing silhouette that will undoubtedly be the subject of many positive comments and compliments from family members, co-workers, and friends. If the body type discussed within the scope of this article is also your body type, you should strongly consider wearing dresses with statement sleeves, embellished collars, and off-shoulder necklaces. Thanks to our perennial experience in the fashion-oriented niche, we can ensure you that they will look stunningly on you regardless of the occasion, lighting conditions, and weather. You can additionally decorate such an item of clothing with additional accessories that will reflect your personality and lifestyle in the most comprehensive way possible.

We hope that all the recommendations and guidelines included in this text will help you make some conscious fashion and style-oriented choices that will make it possible for you to truly highlight the advantages of having a pear-shaped body type while at the same time carefully hiding any imperfections and flaws that you would like to hide from the rest of the world. With a bit of practice, it is much easier than it may seem at first!

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