Running shoes are basically the most important part of our running clothes. From my perspective, well-chosen running shoes are, first of all, an amazing comfort of training, so if you get into running for good, do not spare a penny for comfortable equipment.

What should We remember when buying running shoes?

Based on my own experience, I decided to collect the most important tips related to buying running shoes. If you would like to add something from yourself, feel free to comment. Substantive comments will be added to the article.

First feeling

Convenience and first impression - in my opinion, these are the most important aspects of choosing your running shoes. After all, the most important factor that should determine our choice is convenience. If the shoes fit your feet as if they were made to measure, then you are one step away from choosing the perfect model for you.

Visit the running shop

I recommend buying your first running shoes in a specialized store for runners. There are more and more such stores. I know from experience that the smaller the shop, the better the service. The tiny shops are usually owner-run and 90% of them have extensive training and running equipment experience. Do not be fooled by large discounters, which, having expensive diagnostic equipment, often cannot fully use its potential. This is not a rule, but unfortunately in large networks, due to the huge turnover of employees, random people often work. Besides, a good advisor for running equipment should be a runner, and ideally should be passionate about running. You will ask: who is a runner? In my world, a runner is a person who runs technically well, is comprehensively developed in terms of sports, and it is best if she has had experience running from 1000 meters on a treadmill to a marathon. In an ideal world, a running shoe advisor should also be comfortable in areas of expertise such as podiatry and physiotherapy. Also, don't be fooled by the current advertising campaign in stores ... Running shoe manufacturers are outdoing retailers in "doing well". After all, it's ultimately up to them whether you choose Nike, New Balance, adidas, Brooks or Saucony. Although theoretically this type of practice is prohibited, ... we leave it to your thoughts. Therefore, allow the seller to recommend you a few models from several different brands, but in the end, your feelings should be the most important. For people with a capacious wallet, I recommend shopping with a sports physiotherapist. I'm not kidding!

Buying running shoes online

I strongly advise against buying your first running shoes online. If you decide to do so, it is best to try on your shoes in a stationary store first. I assume that you may not be able to do this, so only buy shoes in stores that gladly accept returns.

Soft heel counter

A soft heel counter in my running shoes is a key issue for me. A soft heel counter does not restrict the natural movements of the ankle joint and minimizes the risk of injury. In addition, a hard heel counter in many cases equates to problems at the level of heel abrasions. In this matter, you can trust me, that is, a man who has tried around 50 pairs of shoes in his life. Different brands. Since I first experienced running in shoes with a soft heel, I can't imagine making any changes in this area. Of course, this is just my experience and you don't have to agree with me. I still recommend trying.

Two pairs of running shoes are ... saving!

If you run frequently and for a long time (about 300 kilometers a month), I recommend that you get two pairs of running shoes right away. Reason? First of all, by changing the shoes you run in every now and then, you engage slightly different muscle parts each time, and all this is due to the unique designs of shoes that force us to slightly different position of the feet. This is a big plus from a training point of view. In addition, by running in one shoe or another, you extend the life and properties of your running shoe by approximately 30%. Again, these are just my observations, but I noticed that frequent change of shoes allowed me to use one of the pairs for longer.

Shoe size

As you probably already know, running shoes should be slightly larger. It is said to be half the size, and in special cases even up to the entire size. However, we should not exaggerate in any direction, that is, do not buy butt-to -e shoes, but do not exaggerate the other way. If you start running and your feet are not used to running exertion, it is very important to have adequate space between the tip of the shoe and the toes to avoid problems with the nails. The slack in the fingers will prevent the fingers and nails from hitting the inside of the upper, and we will not treat ourselves to blue and falling nails. And even if such a problem does arise, we should not act on our own. In such situations, it is worth investing in an appointment with a podiatrist. If you want to finally verify that you have chosen the right size, just slide your index finger on the back of your heel. If you cannot move your toes, the shoe is too small. Standard running shoes should be larger than 0.5cm to 1cm. Never more and never less.

If you are looking for sizes for standard shoes, see also: shoe size conversion.

Try on in the evening, and preferably ... try on!

It is worth trying on the shoes in the evening or right after the training. Reason? It is then that our feet are slightly swollen, which almost fully reflects their condition while running. In addition, remember to try on shoes with socks in which we will ultimately run. And in general, it's best to choose running shoes ... to the nearest running store! Then we will be sure that the volume of our feet will be as it should be.

What brand of running shoes do I recommend?

I recommend that you try each one if you have the opportunity. The running shoes market is becoming more and more competitive year by year, and today it is really hard to talk about poor quality running shoes. Of course, I do not mean discount shoes ... although of course, if you start running and do not have a large budget, such shoes will be better than regular sneakers with a flat and hard sole.

Without remorse, I can recommend you the products of the following brands:

To sum up ... choosing your running shoes is a demanding process. In the end, I will tell you that despite my great sympathy for New Balance, my favorite thing is to run barefoot. I recommend our natural footwear!