How to make the correct measurement:

If you are shopping online, knowledge of body measurements is a must to get clothes in the right sizes. Zara's size differs from the size of H & M, and retailers may even be inconsistent on their own line. The discrepancy of inconsistencies can be attributed to different materials, updated cuts of products with the same name, and even the dimensioning of vanity.

When taking measurements of your body, remember to use a measuring tape in centimeters, not a metal measuring tape (construction). This will ensure accurate measurement of your body. In addition, it should only be measured on bare skin or tight clothing to ensure the most accurate measurements.

women body

Chest or bust

This measurement is most often used for the upper garment - tops, shirts, blouses or dresses.

  • Women: Put one end of the measuring cup in the most beautiful part of the bust and wrap it around the body to get the measurement, keeping the tape parallel to the floor.
  • Men and children: Place one end of the strap in the middle of the chest. Wrap it around the body, keeping the tape parallel to the floor.

Sizes of the bra

Bras are dimensioned using a unique system based on two measurements of the bust area. For detailed instructions on how to measure the size of a bra and obtain a proper fit, see: How to measure a bra.


This measurement is used for blouses, dresses and trousers.

Most clothing lines use the "natural waist" measurement for their size. To measure the natural waist, that is, find the narrowest part of the waist, which is above the navel and under the chest.

Note: some brands use "low" waist measurement. To do this, measure in the place where you will normally stick to your pants.


This measurement is used for the lower garment and sometimes for dresses.

How to make a measurement? Stand evenly with your hips and measure the most abundant part. Also remember to go with the scoop through your buttocks. It can be difficult to keep the tape at a constant level when you are doing it yourself - it is recommended that your friend help or you do it in front of the mirror.

Leg length

This measurement is used for tracksuits, jeans and other pants.

The trouser leg is the distance from the highest part of the thigh to the ankle. The easiest way is to measure the leg on the basis of a well-fitting pair of trousers. Measure from the crotch to the cuff on the inside of the leg. The number cm, with an accuracy of ½ cm, is the length of the leg.

For women, remember that the exact measurement depends on whether you wear heels or flat shoes. The hem of the leg should hit the middle of the heel or it should hit just above the flat shoe - depending on the worn footwear. Ideally, women should do two measurements for the legs - one for the pants you wear on the heels, and the other for the pants you wear on a flat sole. See also trouser sizes.

Neck measurement

Measurement of the neck is commonly used for dimensioning men's shirts. Many shirts sold in the US actually use the size of the neck in inches as "size", and this fashion did not come to Poland yet.

How to make a measurement? Wrap the measuring tape around the base of the neck, circling the Adam's apple. Make sure that the tape is evenly leveled and that you do not wrap the tape around your neck too much. This measurement is your real neck measurement. To measure the outfit of the shirts, add half a cm to the round number (ie 14 cm should be rounded to 14.5 cm) or round up to the nearest half cm (that is 14.25 should be rounded to 14.5).

Sleeve measurement

The measurement of the sleeve is often used for dimensioning men's shirts.

You will need a friend who will help you measure the length of the sleeve. Bend one hand at 90 degrees and put your hand on your hip. We start the measurement from the center of the back, over the shoulder, up to the elbow, and then to the wrist to get a full measurement in the sleeve. The sizes of the sleeves are always in integers, so you have to round up to the nearest whole number if necessary.