Within the scope of today’s article, we will focus on measuring waist, which is one of key dimensions when we want to purchase neatly fitting items of clothing in a traditional shop or in its online counterpart. Before proceeding to tips and tricks on how to do so, let us focus on a very important introductory remark that simply cannot be omitted or neglected.

Why is measuring one’s waist so important?

According to various experts, doctors, and dietitians, the exact waist circumference is a great indicator of fat deposits stored in the middle in your body. Interestingly enough, said fat is strongly correlated to blood pressure and blood fat level. When neglected, they may cause serious health problems, the most important and severe one of which is undoubtedly diabetes. We are more than sure that all of our readers would like to avoid it. Therefore, measuring your waist is very important - not only for fashion-related, but also - for health-oriented reasons! However, how to do so?

How to measure your waist properly?

Measuring your waist will surely not be a problematic issue for you, especially if you decide to take advantage of our tips provided below. To start off, you have to locate the bottom of your ribs and the top part of your hips - they will serve as your reference points while taking measurements. After doing so, you have to find a measuring tape in your house and then - place it between the located points, preferably just a few millimeters above your belly button. To make sure that the measurements taken are 100 % correct, you have to take care not to hold the measuring tape too firmly, as well as to not hold it too loosely, because then you may not get the result that will reflect the factual state of affairs.

When you are ready, prepare by breathing out and then - proceed to take your measurements. If you are not sure of whether or not you have measured your waist in a proper manner, you may always repeat the process discussed above, or ask a friend or a family member for help. Then, you will be sure that the measurement specified will be the right one and you will be able to utilize it not only to select properly fitting clothes, but also to take care of your health condition.

Why else is measuring your waist important?

As you may probably know, thanks to said metric, it is additionally possible to specify your BMI (body mass index). It will allow you to check whether you are healthy or you should take certain steps to avoid either obesity or anorexia. If you happen to identify a worryingly high or low BMI after measurements, make sure to consult a dietician or a professional practitioner, who will be able to recommend to you further steps that should be taken in order to ensure that the comfort of your life will increase or at least - will be maintained on the same, satisfactory level.

Of course, there is no denying that measuring one’s waist is also very useful while making a decision to visit a traditional brick-and-mortar shop or check out an online one in order to buy some new items of clothing that will be properly fitting and that will make the customer feel comfortable and look highly appealing. The simple procedure discussed within this article has many uses and in our opinion, it is worth being capable of performing it on one’s own or with the help of some experienced individuals. Knowing the size of your waist will surely not hurt. On the contrary, it may turn out to be exceptionally useful, sometimes in scenarios you have never thought of before.