Naketano size guide

About the Naketano brand

The German company Naketano is increasingly available in Polish stores. It has entered our market in recent years and conquers the hearts of men and women. Currently, the brand is known all over the world, for those who feel good in a casual and sporty way. Naketano clothing is mainly used in urban style. The brand was founded in 2005 in the German city of Essen by Nicole Christensen. The Naketano's characteristic is high-quality material. The offer includes hoodies, hoodies, jackets, T-shirts or women's dresses. Refer to the Naketano size chart.

Men's clothing - top and bottom - Naketano

Measures are given in centimeters (cm). Remember! This Naketano size guide will help you choose the right product, but it will not always match the actual dimensions of the product.


Women's clothing - top and bottom - Naketano

Dimensions are in unit of length centimeter (cm).


Sweatshirts and jackets by Naketano

The Naketano brand is known all over the world by those who feel good in a sporty, casual urban style. This brand allows both women and men to emphasize their independence and individuality. Combining sets of clothes in unprecedented styles give a good chance to stand out from the crowd with an above-average look.

The German Naketano brand was founded in 2005 in Essen by Nicole Christensen and since then every year has been gaining the sympathy of an increasing number of people who do not follow the usual patterns proposed by the fashion market. High-quality materials from which the clothes are made are ideally suited to the ecological trend, because their products are mainly used raw materials from organic farming and breeding, which do not threaten our environment in any way. Subdued colors of clothes allow you to always look trendy, and are also a unique background for avant-garde accessories.

Good quality fashion from Naketano

Naketano street fashion will be perfect for young (regardless of age), active and natural people who value being in the bosom of nature and celebrating life with friends. Each cut in the Naketano assortment is available in many colors - everyone will surely find something for themselves. Extensive, pleasant to the touch collars, which are the hallmark of the Naketano collection, most often take the form of ligaments and lacing. They differ in color from the material from which the rest of the clothes are made, and are an original accent. Each of the models of sweaters and T-shirts from this brand is distinguished by interesting colors that will emphasize every skin tone. Classic browns are available here in pastel and bright, summer variants. In addition, white, gray and black models thanks to the sewn-in leather logo ensure the highest wearing comfort. Naketano fashion is fun with colors, models here are usually one-colored, and therefore modest and in line with the latest trends.