Types of shirts (slim fit, regular)

When it comes to the selection of a shirt that would be perfectly adjusted not only to one’s style but also – to one’s body type, it is highly recommended not to limit oneself to focusing on the currently applicable fashion trends exclusively, but to additionally familiarize oneself with the most up-to-date shirt size chart. Why is it so important? We can say from our own experience that such knowledge can help avoid a number of problems while selecting a slim fit or regular shirt to be used on everyday basis or during special occasions. Shirt size chart should also be consulted if you want to purchase a highly unusual item of clothing. It will show you which measurements to take and what data to focus on during online or traditional shopping.

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Slim fit shirt sizes (inches)

It is more than probable that shirt size chart that has been developed for slim fit shirts will be available to prospective customers in a variety of standards in order to make the final selection much easier. However, the most basic one is the letter-oriented one, which starts from XS or S and goes up to XL, XXL, or even XXL sometimes. Other standards are oriented towards providing the customers with specific digit-based sizes included in the available shirt size chart. Quite frequently, they also include exact measurements corresponding to said sizes.

Neck Size 1515.51616.517
Chest of Shirt 4344474950
To Fit Chest 3840424446
Sleeve length (Short) 3333333333
Sleeve length (Regular) 3535353535
Sleeve length (Long) 3636363636

Regular shirt sizes

Similarly to slim fit shirts, the regular ones can be easily adjusted to the customer’s body type and preferences by opting for a properly prepared shirt size chart that incorporates not only vital measurements that should be taken at home or with the help of a representative of a given store, but also – tables allowing to juxtapose them with the most popular standards nowadays, including European, American, and British ones. If you consult them carefully, the risk that you will purchase an improper regular shirt will be close to zero!

Neck SizeChestWaist

How to choose the right shirt size?

According to a number of experts operating in the field for quite some time, selecting the proper shirt size regardless of its type may turn out to be a bit tricky, especially for both men and women who are not familiar with the current shirt size chart. How to be properly prepared for a shopping session in a brick-and-mortar or online shop and make sure that no mistake will be made? In order to do so, a person attempting to purchase the right item of apparel should take all the key measurements beforehand, preferably by opting for a measuring tape and for the support of a trusted helper that may have the form of a family member, friend, or a clerk in a given traditional shop.

First off, you have to measure your neck size in order to ensure that a shirt selected basing on the provided shirt size chart will not be too loose or too tight. What should follow is the measurement of one’s chest. It is also highly recommended to measure one’s sleeve length, for example by comparing the measurements taken with the sleeve length of a shirt purchased some time ago that has been considered by the person to be fitting properly.

When we know all the three key measurements discussed above, they can be then juxtaposed with the data provided in the shirt size chart developed by a specific brand in order to opt for the size that will surely be the right one, regardless of the preferred style and cut. If are not sure whether or not a particular size is the right one for you, it is always a wise idea to ask the representative of an online or traditional shop for professional support.

What to focus on while selecing a shirt size?

While seeking for a shirt that would be simply perfectly adjusted to your style and body type, it is always highly recommended to consult the shirt size chart provided by a given company before proceeding to finalizing the purchase. Why is that? Thanks to the discussed approach, it is not only highly possible to choose the item of apparel that will be ideally adjusted to our needs, but also – to buy the one the measurements of which will perfectly suit our needs, directly translating into the user being able to wear such an item both during special occasions and on everyday basis. It is worth mentioning that shirt size chart developed by a company may be subject to change from time to time, so it is highly recommended to familiarize with it once in a while to stay up-to-date. It will undoubtedly save us a lot of hassle and will make purchases a pleasant experience for all the parties involved.