Contrary to what some inexperienced individuals may claim, selecting the proper snowboard boot size is not a laughing matter. It is a rather difficult task that requires a proper preparation, as well as the utilization of a size chart developed by professionals, as the comfort of using such items and our health condition are at stake - they cannot be treated lightly or neglected. In order to make it easier for our readers, we have decided to create an entire, comprehensive guide strictly connected to choosing the proper snowboard boot size. Enjoy!

Snowboard Boot Sizing

Mondo (cm) Men (US) Women (US) Europe UK
158 (youth)257
169 (youth)268
1710 (youth)279
17.511 (youth)2810
18.512 (youth)2911
19.513 (youth)30.512
2013.5 (youth)3113

Junior Boot Sizing

Foot Length Boot Size
7.0 inches1
7.5 inches2
8.0 inches3
8.5 inches4
9.0 inches5
9.5 inches6
10 inches7

Making preparations

Customers making a decision to purchase footwear of the discussed kind must keep in mind that buying them is in many respects similar to choosing right shoes for everyday use. You have to make sure that the item you want to become a happy owner of grants your feet maximum comfort. It is crucial to go for boots that are slightly bigger than our usual footwear, which will ensure that there will be no tight spots that may cause pain during a prolonged use, as well as that there is the possibility to easily move user’s toes in all directions. You should, however, avoid making extreme choices, as professionals with perennial experience in the field rightly inform all the prospective buyers that snowboard shoes tend to loosen with time, so purchasing footwear that is several sizes too big may be a bad idea and may cause issues with regard to heel hold.

Using a proper support

In many cases, especially while purchasing snowboarding boots in an online store, it may turn out to be crucial to take advantage of support provided by many renowned producers that grant their customers, both prospective and regular ones, the access to constantly updated and regularly reviewed size charts, making the final purchase a much easier task than previously assumed. It is worth knowing that there are numerous standards that may be preferred by various companies, by in the majority of cases, it is based on insole size. The basic distinction is between snowboarding boots for men and women. The first category incorporates sizes ranging from 1 to 16, whereas the second ones - from 5 to 12. Nevertheless, it is not the only boot classification available. Customers must be aware that there are also European and English standards that may be utilized. In the former scenario, we have to be prepared to choose from sizes oscillating between 25 and 51 and in the latter - between 1 and 15. When we are not sure which one will be suitable for us, the most sensible idea is to ask a representative of a given brick-and-mortar shop or its online counterpart for help. Such an approach will make it possible for us to make a more informed decision.

What else to consider?

Contrary to traditional footwear, snowboarding boots have to be characterized by a proper level of flexibility. If they are too stiff, they may hinder our attempts to learn how to use our snowboard properly or to perform more demanding tricks (in the case of true professionals in the field). Therefore, before making a final order, check if particular boots have been classified as stiff, medium, or soft by the producer and try to always opt for one of the last two available options. It will undoubtedly save you a lot of troubles while on the slope.

Interestingly enough, you should also go for a lacing system that is adjusted to your needs and preferences to the greatest extent possible. Nowadays, there are three major standards that can be selected by customers, namely - traditional, quick-pull and BOA one. They all have their advantages and disadvantages, so you should not fully focus on the recommendations and suggestions of other owners of the discussed footwear, but rather try to adjust lacing system to your needs and expectations, which is a much safer approach in our opinion, as it will grant much greater satisfaction.

And finally…

Our last piece of advice we would like to share with you is - try to opt for items that are characterized by above-average price-to-quality ratio. It is not always sensible to go for extreme savings when it comes to snowboarding boots, as it may turn out that you have purchased footwear that is of suboptimal quality and that will not serve you for long. In such a case, there may be the necessity to purchase yet another product, leading to you spending much more than initially assumed, which is a situation that can be easily avoided. Of course, if there is a possibility of taking advantage of sensible, explainable promotions and sales, you should not avoid them at all costs, we cannot stress that enough!