When it comes to the so-called hourglass body shape. It is considered by both experts and true lovers of female beauty to be one of the most proportionate and feminine! Let us now check what the hourglass body shape is characterized by, find out what one should wear to make it more prominent, as well as how to choose colors, designs, and styles that will simply be matching and comfortable!

How do I know if I have an hourglass figure?

The hourglass body shape, sometimes referred to as the X body shape, is quite characteristic - its advantages include a narrow waist that looks neat while juxtaposed with remarkably wider hips and bust. Many women would like their hourglass body shape, as it makes them look similar to many celebrities and stars who have been considered simply perfect and highly attractive at one point in time, for example - Kim Kardashian, Monica Bellucci, Kate Winslet or Marylin Monroe.

Is an hourglass body curvy?

hourglass body shape

While talking about a strict definition or some characteristic features of the hourglass body shape, it has to be noted that it stands out from other body shapes mainly due to its distinct waistline. The hips and shoulders are about the same width and are very proportional to each other. One can spot distinct feminine curves in the area. As a rule, such ladies have large breasts and more massive, wide hips, as well as remarkably slim legs. According to many, such proportions make the hourglass body shape simply perfect and very easy to stylize in a preferred manner.

How to dress your hourglass body type?

How to dress your hourglass body type?

Hourglass-shaped ladies, unlike other ones, do not have to be so careful when choosing the top of their outfit. They can opt for blouses that boldly emphasize their waistline or bust. Ladies with a minimalist approach to fashion should go for bodysuits with long sleeves and a round neckline. On a daily basis, they can also choose turtlenecks that will perfectly match high-waisted womens pants or a pencil skirt.

Which pants or skirts will be the best choice for ladies characterized by the body shape discussed within the scope of this article? They should not distort the proportions and help emphasize the advantages of said figure. Women having the discussed body shape may opt for high-waisted bottoms, because they will perfectly emphasize their waist. In the case of trousers, straight or wider ones may turn out to be optimal. This is not a rule, but when one emphasize one’s waist, fitted upper parts of the outfit combined with looser pants emphasize the body shape neatly. The lower parts of the outfit selected may be made of lightweight material, but they should not be baggy in any case. Pencil dresses, long pants, and skirts should be combined with high heels to optically extend the legs and add lightness to the figure. It has to be mentioned at this point that everything depends on one’s preferences and the style one likes. The final selection of items of clothing opted for should in all scenarios be in line with one’s preferences and needs.

What brand of clothing for the hourglass body type?

In some situations, it may happen that a given female finds it extremely difficult to come up with a satisfactory outfit. Such a state of affairs may be easily solved by asking a representative of a given brick-and-mortar shop. We can say from our own experience, that many brands employ clerks and customer advisors who are well-versed when it comes to the most up-to-date fashion trends. Thanks to that, they will have no problems with adjusting particular parts of the outfit to the body shape of the interested lady. In our humble opinion, it is always worth opting for top quality brands that can ensure that any and all items they want to interest their customers with are made out of durable and stylish materials that are not prone to damages and to excessive wear or tear. It is especially important when we want to utilize a particular outfit on regular basis and would like to avoid a situation where a given element of it starts looking shoddy and non-appealing. It can be said that the selection of proper clothes for a lady characterized by the hourglass body shape is an investment that will bring numerous benefits in the upcoming future, especially if it has been selected in cooperation with knowledgeable individuals being representatives of our favorite brand.