There are numbers of signatures that can be found on shoe labels while browsing offers of online stores and traditional shops. They range from C, through D and B, up to EE. What do they mean? Today, we would like to predominantly focus on the “D” signature, as it is wildly popular among our users.

D - which shoe size?

It should not be surprised, because “D”-labeled shoes are designed for men and as it can be concluded from said single, yet very telling letter - they are medium in terms of width. Such a form of classification helps males making shoe-related purchases avoid a number of problems, as they know not only what size but also - what width of footwear to opt for in order to avoid dissatisfaction and make sure that the purchased item will serve its user for quite some time without the necessity of replacing it for a different one. “D”-labeled shoes are so frequently bought mainly because they are the most standard ones and fit the majority of male feet. That is why they are so willingly incorporated into the offer of various shops offering footwear.

Men's shoes width - table

US 6-14 6-14 6-14 6-14
UK 5-13 5-13 5-13 5-13
EU 36-52 36-52 36-52 36-52


  • D - Men's normal / regular width
  • EE - Mens's wide width
  • EEE - Men's Extra wide width
  • B - Men's narrow width

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