Cleaning your kids shoes is an activity that should be executed regularly to maintain their high visual qualities and usability for a long time. Interestingly, such well-groomed shoes also smell much better.

It is worth knowing that there is no one answer to the question - how to clean children's shoes at home? Each type of footwear has different requirements!

In the following guide, we will therefore describe how to clean children's shoes, broken down into different types. Let's start!

Why should you clean your shoes regularly?

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As you know, children love games in which the last thought that goes through their minds is to take care of their clothes. Therefore, their footwear needs to be cleaned a bit more often than an adult or even a teenager.

It is recommended to clean the shoes at least once a week - more often if they are exposed to more difficult weather conditions, for example rain or snow. It is also not without significance that the child plays, for example in the sandbox, after which you usually have to clean all clothes of your child.

The main reason to do this regularly is to increase the durability of your footwear. It will serve us for a long time while looking visually attractive.

It is worth remembering about suede footwear, which is particularly susceptible to dirt. First of all, it is worth preventing the child from playing active games while wearing them, which would expose shoes to dirt that is difficult to wash off.

How to clean children's shoes at home?

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Leather shoes do not require as much care as suede ones, but we should still use good quality preparations. It is worth protecting them beforehand against the effects of water, snow, mud and, above all, street salt commonly used in winter. It is therefore worth buying a product that is dedicated to a specific type of footwear.

Suede shoes should be cleaned with a microfiber cloth or soft cotton. And do it quite slowly, always dry. Special foams for cleaning this material are available on the market. It must be remembered that the sole and other elements, e.g. leather, in such shoes can be cleaned a bit more boldly.

To clean shoes made of leather, you can use a dry shoe brush with soft bristles at the very beginning, with which we will remove dirt particles from every part of the child's shoe. If you don't have a special toothbrush, use an old toothbrush. But this is a method that works only on “weaker” dirt.

Larger soiling requires the use of more specific agents already purchased as a product or liquid made at home. You can use a mild laundry detergent or dishwashing liquid, but do not overdo it with the proportions. Pour the cleaner into warm water. In the case of completely white shoes, it is worth using baking soda - this, however, can be in larger quantities.

Laces should also be hand washed in warm water with detergent. Then we should wipe them between our hands, rinse and dry them with a cloth. Clean but wet laces can be placed on a radiator, but not too hot - as a result of which the paint may come off.

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The sole should be cleaned with a soft brush or cloth. Apply the prepared agent to the sole, then make circular movements to remove dirt, sand or small pebbles from narrow crevices.

Clean the upper rather slowly, without pressing the brush or cloth hard. Then you can dry the shoes with a dry microfiber towel. Remove detergent residues with a wet cloth. Do not wipe the shoes dry so as not to damage sensitive elements - especially those glued.

If the insert needs cleaning, remove it first.

Dry your shoes only naturally. Preferably in the air or at room temperature. Allow them to dry completely before your child puts them on. As a rule, you have to wait from 8 to even 12 hours at a lower ambient temperature.


Cleaning children's shoes at home is possible and not difficult at all. Regularity is important to prevent permanent damage to various elements of the footwear.

We recommend:

  • When it comes to cleaning shoes, many people turn to household items such as baking soda, vinegar, and dish soap. However, these homemade solutions can cause a sticky residue on the shoe that attracts dirt. There are a few effective natural ingredients you can mix together for a perfect shoe cleaner.
  • Washing your shoes is tricky business, but it doesn't have to be. There a few simple steps that can help you keep your shoes looking like new!
  • Keep your shoes looking fresh by using baby wipes to clean the fabric. Remove any dirt or stains by gently wiping a baby wipe over the surface of the material and let dry.
  • Wearing shoes, especially dark-colored ones, can cause them to turn grey and start to look worn. A simple way to restore the color is by using a baking soda paste.