The history of Jumping Beans

Jumping Beans is the perfect brand to opt for if you want your child or toddler to look as stylish and feel as comfortable as possible! It is now completely achievable, as the clothes are not only available in virtually all sizes imaginable, but they are inexpensive, meaning that they will surely not drain the parents’ budget. Clients purchasing clothing items for their children can take advantage of a size chart Jumping Beans that is comprehensible and made in a clear, transparent manner, so that no person should have any problems whatsoever decoding it. Size guides have been developed by true professionals, meaning that all the measurements are spot on and items of clothing purchased basing on them will undoubtedly turn out to be neatly matching the kid. more information

Boys bottoms size chart

M521 1/2"24"18 1/2"
L722 1/2"26"21"

Boys tops

S440-42"35-39 lbs.22"
M542-44"39-44 lbs.23"
M644-46"44-49 lbs.24"
L746-48"49-54 lbs.25"
XL7X48-50"54-59 lbs.26"

Girls bottoms size chart

M521 1/2"24"18 1/2"
XL6X22 1/2"26"21"
-723"27"22 1/2"

Girls tops and dresses

S440-42"35-39 lbs.22"
M542-44"39-44 lbs.23"
L644-46"44-49 lbs.24"
Xl6X46-48"49-54 lbs.25"
-748-50"54-59 lbs.26"

Newborn/infant size chart

NB19-21"Up to 8 lbs.
3M21-23"8-12 lbs.
6M23-25"12-16 lbs.
9M25-27"16-20 lbs.
12M27-29"20-23 lbs.
18M29-31"23-26 lbs.
24M31-33"26-29 lbs.

Toddler Boys and Girls bottoms

2T20"21"14 3/4"
3T20 1/2"22"15 3/4"
4T21"23"16 3/4"

Toddler Boys and Girls tops

2T33-36"27-30 lbs.20"
3T36-38"30-33 lbs.21"
4T38-40"33-36 lbs.22"

Trendy children's clothing Jumping Beans

Jumping Beans is a popular brand with a worldwide reach that is determined to constantly increase its range of available goods in order to interest as many customers as possible in its fashionable and neatly finished blouses, shirts, shorts, and trousers. It can be undoubtedly stated that all the individuals interested in the offer of the shop will find it extremely easy to purchase items of clothing they have been searching for in desired sizes without the necessity of paying an arm and a leg for them. You can also visit the website of the shop in order to make purchases there directly - it will be very easy, not only thanks to the availability of size chart there, but also thanks to the site being conveniently divided into sections for boys, girls, as well as toddlers.