Lularoe size guide

Info on the Lularoe brand

Lularoe is a perfect brand for independent and bold women who have been looking for exceptional items of clothing the size chart of which would be perfectly adjusted to their needs and expectations. It has to be said that when it comes to Lularoe, the selection of items of apparel is remarkable, ranging from denims and dresses, through jumpsuits, up to skirts and entire sets of beautiful and fashionable clothes. It is worth mentioning that the size chart developed by the company takes into account both the skinnier and the bigger women, so there will surely be no issue with finding the right products that will not only fit you, but will also look astoundingly after being worn. In our opinion, it is worth giving the company a try!

Lularoe sizes

LLR denim sizingStandard sizingUS
3616/17 W36/37
3818/19 W38/39
4020/21 W40/41
4222/23 W42/43
4424/25 W44/45

It has to be indicated that when it comes to the size chart offered by Lularoe, the selection is remarkable and surely every single customer will be able to find items of apparel suiting her needs. The majority of clothes available are made in sizes ranging from 24 up to 44 and in order to make purchases even easier for clients, the brand has decided to opt for traditional labeling in their size chart, so various methods of measuring can be juxtaposed and compared in order to avoid any and all mistakes that could result in disappointment and the necessity to return particular clothes. In the case of Lularoe, the risk of it happening is rather low, as the size chart has not only been developed in a professional manner, but it is additionally constantly updated and improved!


How to select the right Lularoe size?

The selection of the right size of denim, sets of clothes, skirts, or shirts is notably easier than it is the case when it comes to other companies operating both online and in standard fashion. Why is that? Said fact is predominantly caused by Lularoe opting for a very comprehensive and easily understandable size chart that is adjusted not only to the current trends, but also to the specificity of customers taking advantage of the offer of the brand most frequently. Additionally, Lularoe constantly updates its size chart and introduces amendments to it, so selecting the right size of the desired item of apparel will surely be a walk in the park!