Underwear - regardless of whether women's or men's - is extremely diverse. Each of us has a choice of several popular and a number of lesser-known styles of bras, corsets, socks or underpants. Today we will look at the latter.

women's panties

What's special about what we can currently find in the store? Which model to choose for maximum comfort at work? What solution will enhance our buttocks?

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Brazilian Thongs

This is one of many variations of classic thongs. Compared to their original, they have a much wider top - sometimes in the form of a large belt. This model is dedicated to ladies with a firm and shapely bottom that want to "diminish" it a bit. Brazilian thongs - just like ordinary ones - are designed for tight-fitting creations. As they are invisible, we can wear them to trousers, skirts and dresses without any major obstacles.


They are perfect for particularly tight dresses - both trousers as well as dresses and skirts. Many women are not aware of the fact that we distinguish at least two thong models: mini and classic. The first option is characterized by a very "poor" back, i.e. a narrow strip of material dedicated between the buttocks. Both solutions are great not only for everyday use, but also for the bedroom.

High leg knickers

They are becoming more and more popular every year. The characteristic underwear is perfect for particularly narrow dresses fitted in the waist and pencil skirts. This solution perfectly shapes the waist, additionally slimming it. What's more, it decreases the "belts" we do not like and corrects folds on the stomach. Panties with high waist as the name suggests - they start at the height of the navel.

Tanga Panties

This is nothing more than a variation of well-known figs. In this case, the sides are much narrower - even in the form of a thin paseczkach. This model is characterized by notches on the sides. Tanga is a fashion for slightly slimmer ladies with relatively narrow hips. Just like in the case of classic figs, it fits almost any looser creation.


Sometimes called boxers, it's a slightly more built-up form of women's underwear. Properly selected, they will be perfect for slightly cooler days. Shorts are also ideal for sleeping as a "bottom" from pajamas. This model is dedicated to women who do not want the panties line to be on the buttocks. Shorts perfectly conceal minor imperfections such as drooping buttocks.

Figs underwear

This is the most common and the most popular fashion of women's pants. The combination of a moderately cut bottom with a slightly raised top makes them suitable in almost any situation. Panties are ideal for most body types. Due to their cut, they better match loosener creations. Of course, there are plenty of XXL models in the stores or additionally decorated - for the bedroom.

Swimming trunks

This solution is dedicated to masters. This option - as the name suggests - is intended for swimming or recreational recreation, eg in the open air. Made of Lycra or polyester, they conceal swimming slips, bathing shorts or swimming shorts - varied in length and cut. Due to the "artificial" fabric, swimsuits are not recommended every day, i.e. for walking under trousers.


This is another element of men's underwear. Panties dedicated to men are characterized by a cut cut, revealing the entire thighs. The whole adheres closely to the body. The briefs not only enhance the male attributes, but also greatly model the buttocks. This solution will work well in almost every situation, also for particularly active people. Some models have a zip to facilitate urination.

Boxer shorts

This is typically male underwear (in women there are shorts) characterized by a longer length - up to mid-thigh. We distinguish both tight-fitting (tight-fitting) and loose (tight-fitting) models. In the stores we can find at least three types of boxers: Trunks, slightly more tight mini boxer shorts, classic boxer shorts with a loose cut and tightly lined Midwai-briefs - typically sports, with a fly.

Modeling panties

This is a special type of underwear. Although it was assumed that this option is only for women, we can often find slimming or lifting buttocks dedicated to men in stores. Modeling shapewear - as the name suggests - "models", i.e. hides small imperfections and emphasizes our strengths. Modeling panties are characterized by a high cut. Maximum tight fitting, reduce the folds on the stomach and, i.e., "bellies".

The above types of women's and men's panties are just a part of the most popular underwear.