Clothes "Petite" - Fashion for short women

Every woman is different. We are different for many factors. Among them is the type of figure that affects what we look great in, and which models of clothes we should give up. There is also a color palette that is perfect for: blondes, dark-haired, brunettes and red-haired women. Thanks to it, we can decide on shades that will emphasize our beauty. In all this, you also have to remember how standard models are sewn. In stores, we usually have a choice of sizes such as: XS, S, M, L, XL etc. or 34, 36, 38, 40, 42 etc. However, the fact that we find our designation does not mean that the item will fit. Mostly short or tall women have this type of problem. Some complain about trousers that are too long, while for others they are too short. So how do you find the perfect model if you are a few centimeters below the average height, and even more so below the one presented by models in brand lookbooks? Just look for "Petite".

What is the difference between "Petite" clothes

What does the word "Petite" mean next to the brand name? If you know French, you can easily answer this question. However, if not, we already explain that it literally means "tiny", "petite". It is with such women in mind that more and more brands create their collections signed with the name "Petite". The assortment of such lines includes models tailored to the needs of short, filigree women. Most often, clothes with the inscription "Petite" on the label fit women with a maximum height of 160 cm. Therefore, if you fall within this guideline, now you can find pants, skirt or dress that will not require looking for a seamstress who could shorten them. Of course, if you are a short woman, you do not have to give up shopping from the regular collection. However, if you are losing patience with things that are too long, you should choose "Petite" as a change. After all, it's always nice to have a thing that someone has created with our needs in mind.

Petite clothes - What brands offer Petite clothes

The list of brands that offer the "Petite" line is not the longest. However, among them there are many typical chain stores, thanks to which you will be able to buy not only basics tailored to your short height, but also seasonal hits. Check what is currently on offer:

You will not be disappointed for sure.