Similarly to snowboarding boots, choosing the right ski boots may prove to be quite of a challenge, especially for individuals who have never attempted such a feat before. Therefore, we have made a decision to make the shopping-related experience as hassle-free and pleasant as possible by providing you with several tips and tricks pertaining to the footwear in question. Without further ado, let us start!

Ski boot size chart

Mondopoint (Comfort Fit)Mondopoint (Performance Fit)Men (US)Women (US)EUUK
15-8 (Kids')-257
15.5-8 (Kids')-257
16-9 (Kids'-268
16.5-9 (Kids')-268
17-10 (Kids')-279
17.5-11 (Kids')-2810
18.5-12 (Kids')-2911
19.5-13 (Kids')-30.512
20-13.5 (Kids')-3113

Ski boot fit types

Interestingly enough, aside from size that can be checked by utilizing a professional ski boot size chart, there are two major fit types that have to be considered by a prospective customer before placing the final order. They are comfort and performance fits, which is rather self-explanatory.

The first variation is predominantly oriented towards the pleasantness of utilizing particular ski boots for a prolonged period of time and is recommended to Sunday skiers, as well as to individuals who want to have a lot of fun while on the slope. The performance fit is addressed predominantly to semi-professionals and true pros, who want to overcome their limitations while skiing and push their efficiency to the limits.

If you consider yourself a seasoned skier, then opting for the second alternative may be the best choice for you. However, let us now move to various available sizes and labeling systems for our readers not to be convinced that we have decided to neglect such an important aspect of buying ski boots!

Size matters…always!

According to many a ski boot size chart we have analyzed, there are two major distinctions when it comes to sizing that have to be observed by the clients. The first one is the male/female classification that governs labeling. When it comes to this aspect, customers can take advantage of male sizes ranging from 1 to 16 and female ones oscillating between 5 and 12. Nevertheless, one has to remember that there is yet another issue to be taken into account, namely - a significant difference in sizing between the European and English standards. The first one covers sizes from 25 to 51, whereas the second one incorporates sizes between 7 and 15, so it can be easily seen that the difference is huge!

Comfort is king

Clients making purchases in either online or in brick-and-mortar shops have to remember that regardless of how good and fashionable a particular pair of ski boots looks, the true key is achieving optimal comfort. It has to be kept in mind that the user will spend several hours on the slope, so he or she has to be able to move freely, make all the foot movements imaginable, as well as be sure that his or her feet are properly protected against damages, injuries, and excessive cold.

If you are new to the hobby discussed here, you may find yourself a bit lost and confused. In said scenario, it is highly recommended to take advantage of the support provided by one of representatives of a given shop. Such individuals are highly skilled, may be skiers themselves, and are characterized by perennial experience in the field, so they are surely the people to go for when it comes to any and all doubts that require dispelling. Do not hesitate to ask - a short conversation may help you to save a remarkable amount of money that would otherwise be spent on a product that would be not adjusted to your needs and expectations…even after carefully consulting a ski boot size chart developed by a given company.

Sturdiness is also important

We would like to additionally recommend you to go for ski boots that are made out of durable material and that have been manufactured with care taken about even the most miniscule detail. Why is that? It will be your guarantee that even after utilizing such footwear for an entire season, your boots will be ready to go during the next year when you decide to go skiing again. There will be no need to spend additional money on purchasing a new pair, which will directly translate into remarkable savings to be spent in any other way you desire. We are of the opinion that sturdiness and longevity of particular ski boots are as important as their comfort, so do not neglect said aspects while shopping.

That is it for today, dear readers! We are more than hopeful that all the tips and tricks provided will allow you to prepare for an upcoming shopping session better and will result in purchasing ski boots that will serve you without even the slightest issues for many months or years to come! Feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and comments with us as well - we will be more than glad to familiarize ourselves with them all!