History of the t shirts

T-shirts for men and women appeared for the first time in the ancient Egypt. One of the most popular were the T-shirts worn by our ancestors in ancient Rome. The worn tunics, which are present until today, were very popular in those days. In addition, the shape of tunics and destiny have changed a bit, now mainly women wear them, not men and women as before. Tunics are characterized by a length that extends over the hips, and sometimes even to the thighs. Sleeves in tunics are short or medium-long. The cut is normally loose or slightly tight. The tunic is used both by slim women and thanks to the cut by plus size sparrings. The Tunic T-shirt is interesting with both bare legs, tights and denim trousers.


Standard T-shirts

Some types of shirts are worn by both ladies and men. One of them is the classic T-shirt. The name comes from the letter T, which this garment resembles. It's a loose, unofficial part of the outfit, used by women mainly after hours. It is valued mainly due to the comfort of wearing and cotton fabric. Ladies can especially appreciate shirts with this cut tailored to the waist. T-shirts with various prints and motifs are very popular nowadays. Their wealth is so great that you can wear a different model every day. You can find out for yourself and see what women's and men's shirts are available in the SuperSklep.pl online store, offering footwear, street clothing, skate, snow and sports equipment and accessories.

Polo shirts

Polo shirts first appeared on tennis courts. Today, they are one of the most commonly worn men's shirts. They are comfortable and at the same time very stylish. An important role in them is the collar, giving each styling a sporty claw.

Polo shirt - what to look for when choosing?

These most classic polo shirts are sewn with peaks and have a characteristic weave. However, you can also opt for equally stylish polo shirts made of cotton or cotton with the addition of synthetic fabrics. It is worth paying attention to the collar. T-shirts with 2-3-button closure are best presented. It is also important that after they are opened the collar fits nicely around the neck. The men's polo shirt should also adhere well to the silhouette. This is especially important when you use the half-length in sets with chinos and a jacket, and the shirt is let into trousers.

Polo shirt for special occasions

It is definitely worth learning how to combine polo shirts with more formal styles and everyday clothes. A classic half-moon in a neutral or expressive color looks very good with jeans or denim shorts. You also fashion it with short fabric shorts. The smooth polka also goes hand in hand with the jacket. However, deciding on such a duo, the shirt must be allowed into the trousers and added to the strap. The jacket in such a set should also be appropriate. In such informal, but still elegant outfits, flax or cotton jackets, with no lining, and overpressed pockets are the best. Especially on warmer summer days it is worth giving a chance to colorful jackets. Hand in hand with the polo shirt are beige, brown, blue, and even much more expressive red jackets.

The V Neck style

A classic t-shirt with a characteristic triangular neckline, which visually lengthens the neck and emphasizes the shape of the face. The cheese shirt has been in fashion for many years and there is no indication that it would go to the past. Looks great with ordinary jeans, you can put it under a sweater, a sports jacket or a zipped hoodie.

Y neck style - Henley t-shirt

The henley type men's t-shirt basically looks very much like an ordinary T-shirt or longsleeve. It is also matched to the silhouette, sewn with cotton, but it is distinguished by one detail - the finish at the neck. Typical for henley shirts is a cut at the neck and a button closure.

Henley jersey can be used in various outfits. It will also work well in casual sets with jeans, sensational under the jacket or combined with jeans shorts and sports shoes. The henley men's t-shirt also creates a brilliant look with typical street clothes. So you can boldly dress her into baggy trousers, joggers or impose on her street oversize sweatshirt.

The henley shirt is a great choice for the whole of the year. Versions with short sleeves are fantastic in spring or summer. Long-sleeved shirts and a characteristic neck closure will in turn fit perfectly into warmer sets suitable for the coldest days of the year.