About the Hanna Andersson brand

The Hanna Andersson brand specializing in production and mail order sale offers clothing and footwear for infants (0-12 months), toddlers (1-3 years), children (2-14 years old) and women. Established in 1983, the company is thriving and growing through retail sales in the United States. The Hanna Andersson brand offers many interesting and colorful collections. Every child and mother will find something for themselves here. Due to the great interest in Hanna Andersson sizes, we decided to prepare special size charts. They come mainly from the official website of Hanna Andersson. We provide sizes for women, sizes of shoes and children's clothing.

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Women size chart

Hanna Size US Chest Waist Hip
XS233½ in26 in36 in
S 4-634½-35½ in 27-28 in37-38 in
M8-1036½ - 37½ in 29-30 in39-40 in
L12-1439-40½ in31½ - 33 in41½-43 in
XL16-1842-44 in34½-36½ in44½-46½ in
XXL2045½-47½ in38-40 in48-50 in

Hanna Andersson Baby & Toddler clothing size chart

US Size Hanna Size Height Weight
NewbornNBup to 19 inup to 8 lbs
0-3 mos50 cm18-22 in8-12 lbs
3-6 mos60 cm22-26 in12-16 lbs
6-12 mos70 cm26-28 in16-20 lbs
12-18 mos75 cm28-30 in20-24 lbs
18-24 mos80 cm30-32 in24-27 lbs
2T85 cm32-34 in27-30 lbs
3T90 cm34-38 in26-33 lbs

Hanna Andersson Kids clothing size chart

US size Hanna size Height Weight
2 80/85 cm 30-34 in 20-30 lbs
3 90 cm 34-38 in 26-33 lbs
4 100 cm 38-42 in 31-38 lbs
5 110 cm 42-46 in 37-48 lbs
6-7 120 cm 46-50 in 45-55 lbs
8 130 cm 50-54 in 52-64 lbs
10 140 cm 54-58 in 62-80 lbs
12 150 cm 58-62 in 75-95 lbs
14-16 160 cm 62-66 in 88-110 lbs

Hanna Andersson shoe size chart

Hanna Andersson company was established in the 80s in the United States of America, but as of currently - it is rapidly developing and conquering new markets, mainly due to exceptional quality of goods produced, a comprehensive size chart, as well as the longevity of items of apparel offered to its customers. The synergy of all the aforementioned features makes customers from all over the world to actively seek the opportunity of purchasing items included in Hanna Andersson brand’s newest collection.

Baby & Toddler shoes size chart - Hanna Andersson

US Shoe size Sock size Approximate Age
1 1-2 0-3 mos
2 1-2 2-6 mos
3 2-4 7-9 mos
4 2-4 9-12 mos
5 5-7 10-15 mos
6 5-7 15-20 mos
7 5-7 2-3 yrs
8 7-9 3-4 yrs

Hanna Andersson Kids shoes size chart

USA EURO Foot Length Age
8255⅝3-4 yrs
8.5266⅛3-4 yrs
9264-5 yrs
9.5276⅜4-5 yrs
10276⅝4-5 yrs
10.5285-5 1/2 yrs
11286⅞5-6 yrs
11.5295-6 yrs
12306-7 yrs
12.5317⅜6-7 yrs
13317⅝7-8 yrs
13.5327-8 yrs
1Y327⅞7-8 yrs
1.5Y338⅛8-9 yrs
2Y349-10 yrs
2.5Y358⅜9-10 yrs
3Y358⅝10-11 yrs
3.5Y3610-11 yrs
4Y368⅞11-12 yrs
4.5Y379⅛11-12 yrs

How to select the proper Hanna Andersson size?

Selecting the proper size chart when it comes to items of clothing produced by Hanna Andersson brand is not a difficult task, predominantly due to the fact that the size chart offered is constantly adjusted and updated to suit the needs of children between a few months and fourteen years. It is enough to say that Hanna Andersson included infants, toddlers, and children in the size chart prepared for the customers, so parents of such kids will have no difficulties at all while making a decision to purchase particular items of apparel either online or in the brick-and-mortar shops managed by the company in question.