Plus Size Guide

Do you wear plus size sizes?

This is probably the trendiest date of the last months, if not years. On all sides we hear about fashion, bloggers, clothing and plus size collections. We associate this phenomenon primarily with extreme overweight, because the most colorful media inform about such representatives of this trend. Plus size is so both a girl who does not fit in XS clothes, as well as the one with morbid obesity, or 99 percent of you.

And what do you associate with men and do you deserve such a name? I checked this by conducting a short survey on a group of several men of different ages. As a help served them the size of one of the popular chains in Poland. It was on its basis that my interlocutors were to indicate when there is a large numbering and when you are still in the norm. As usual, opinions are not straightforward. But they give food for thought.

Opinion size plus size - reader

- I have somewhere terminology and what is behind it. For me, plus size is just overweight. If you are slim or normal, no one should insult you with this term. Maybe it officially means something else, but you know what it is associated with. I have seen these plus size beauties and they all look like three-door wardrobes. If you are slightly smaller, no one has the right to call you that. Because it is difficult for a girl with the correct weight to suddenly be in the same category as her friend who is dying of obesity - claims Robert.

And what size do you have?

I think it is worth emphasizing that not every plus size person is associated with being overweight from the crop of a large amount of food, laziness or too little traffic. It is worth noting and informing others that some people have problems with obesity genetically. After parents, grandparents or other illnesses with the side effect of overweight, which they sent to that person. Do not look through the prism of plus size is overweight, but also plus size is a disease that these people have to face. Below, we have prepared a special size chart for you, so that you can easily choose clothes and underwear - take advantage!

Clothing sizes plus size

EUR Chest Waist Hip
CM Inch CM Inch CM Inch
32 81 32.5 63 25 89 35.5
34 83.5 33.5 65.5 26 91.5 36.5
36 86 34.5 68 27 94 37.5
38 88.5 35.5 70.5 28 96.5 38.5
40 93.5 37.5 75.5 30 101.5 40.5
42 98.5 39.5 80.5 32 106.5 42.5
44 103.5 41.5 85.5 34 111.5 44.5
46 108.5 43.5 90.5 36 116.5 46.5
48 113.5 45.5 95.5 38 121.5 48.5
50 119.5 48 101.5 40.5 127.5 51
52 125.5 50 107.5 43 133.5 53.5

Trousers sizes plus size

- Inner leg length
CMS Inch
Low women 71 28.5
Regular 75 30
For tall women 85 34

Underwear sizes plus size

EUR Measurement 24.5 - 26.5 26.5 - 28.5 28.5 - 30.5
Circuit under the bust 30" 32" 34"

The size of the bowl Circuit under the bust (inches)
A 30 32 34
B 31 33 35
C 32 34 36
D 33 35 37

30A 65A 30A 8A 80A
30B 65B 30B 8B 80B
30C 65C 30C 8C 80C
30D 65D 30D 8D 80D
30DD 65E 30DD 8DD 80E
32A 70A 32A 10A 85A
32B 70B 32B 10B 85B
32C 70C 32C 10C 85C
32D 70D 32D 10D 85D
32DD 70E 32DD 10DD 85EE
34A 75A 34A 12A 90A
34B 75B 34B 12B 90B
34C 75C 34C 12C 90C
34D 75D 34D 12D 90D
34DD 75E 34DD 12DD 90E