About the Birkenstock brand

The Birkenstock brand has over 130 years of tradition. Its origins date back to 1774, when the owners (Johann Adam Birkenstock) began to produce insoles. Over time, he decided to expand his business and manufacture comfortable footwear. A well-profiled sole that adapts perfectly to the feet, so that something definitely stands out on the market. This solution provides comfort during long hours of walking, thanks to which this type of footwear is spread out ideally during holiday hiking and more.

Men's shoes by Birkenstock - size chart

Mens Size Birkenstock Size
5-5.5 38
6-6.5 39
7-7.5 40
8-8.5 41
9-9.5 42
10-10.5 43
11-11.5 44
12-12.5 45
13-13.5 46
14-14.5 47
15-15.5 48
16-16.5 49
17-17.5 50

Women's shoes by Birkenstock - size chart

Women's size Birkenstock size
2-2.5 33
3-3.5 34
4-4.5 35
5-5.5 36
6-6.5 37
7-7.5 38
8-8.5 39
9-9.5 40
10-10.5 41
11-11.5 42
12-12.5 43
13-13.5 44

Kids shoes by Birkenstock - size chart

Kids size Birkenstock size
6-6.5 24
7-7.5 25
8-8.5 26
9-9.5 27
10-10.5 28
11-11.5 29
12-12.5 30
13-13.5 31
1-1.5 32
2-2.5 33
3-3.5 34
4-4.5 35
5-5.5 36
6-6.5 37

Kids shoes (mm) by Birkenstock - size chart

Kids Sizes Footbed Length Footbed Width
24 Regular (Kids) 150mm 67mm
25 Regular (Kids) 160mm 69mm
26 Regular (Kids) 165mm 71mm
27 Regular (Kids) 170mm 73mm
28 Regular (Kids) 180mm 75mm
29 Regular (Kids) 185mm 77mm
30 Regular (Kids) 190mm 79mm
31 Regular (Kids) 200mm 81mm
32 Regular (Kids) 205mm 83mm
33 Regular (Kids) 210mm 85mm
34 Regular (Kids) 220mm 87mm

Adult (mm) size chart by Birkenstock - size chart

Adult Sizes Footbed Length Footbed Width
35 Regular 225mm 89mm
36 Regular 230mm 91mm
37 Regular 240mm 93mm
38 Regular 245mm 95mm
39 Regular 250mm 97mm
40 Regular 260mm 99mm
41 Regular 265mm 101mm
42 Regular 270mm 102mm
43 Regular 280mm 103mm
44 Regular 285mm 107mm
45 Regular 290mm 109mm
46 Regular 295mm 113mm
47 Regular 305mm 115mm
48 Regular 310mm 117mm
49 Regular 315mm 119mm
50 Regular 325mm 121mm

Birkenstock flip flops and sandals

Birkenstock's offer includes shoes designed to be worn during warm summer days - sandals, flip flops and flip-flops. Among them are women's and men's and children's shoes, differing in color and cut: with one or two stripes, as well as with bare or covered toes. Birkenstock flip flops and sandals are made mainly of natural and ecological leather, although the offer also includes models whose upper is made of felt. Slippers of this type will be perfect as slippers during the winter. In addition to classic, single-colored footwear, you can also find ones that stand out with the original pattern in the form of a plaid, snake skin or flowers. Thanks to the rich variety and high-quality Birkenstock shoes, certainly everyone will find something for themselves.

Birkenstock high quality

If you want to feel comfortable on your feet, you should definitely familiarize yourself with the Birkenstock footwear range. Created according to the latest research, with attention to every detail, they perfectly protect the feet of the wearer. The comfortable sole and perfectly selected materials perfectly adapt to the leg allowing you not to feel tired even after a long day. The original design created by the best designers always follows fashion and is a reflection of the best trends. Heidi Klum even wears these shoes, who is also a designer of parts from the company's extensive offer. Birkenstock shoes and sandals will give you prestige and a fashionable look. Thanks to them you will feel both fashionable and comfortable, and your feet will appreciate their high quality.