The choice of men's shoes is so simple that we do not deal with women with different models - boots, heels, boots, sports shoes and many more. In the case of the size of men's shoes, the choice and fit is simple. We have prepared a special guide for you how to measure the foot to properly choose the size of men's shoes. In addition, we have prepared a table of men's footwear sizes that will help you choose the right one.

How to measure

You do not know how to properly measure the length of the foot to read the size of your footwear? See our guide - detailed description on the left and visualization of the foot measurement on the right.

  • 1. foot measurement

    Find a piece of space on the floor by the wall. Touch the heel of the wall. Place a measure next to it. Look at the scoop where the longest finger ends. This is your foot length!

  • 2. foot measurement 2

    Fast and easy measurement of foot length - put a piece of paper on the ground, stand on it, and with a pencil or pen mark the beginning of the foot (toes) and the end of the foot (heel). Get off the page and take your measure. See what is the length from the beginning to the end of the foot - this is your measurement result!

What should you remember?

When choosing the size of men's shoes, you can not forget about two important issues. The first is the length of the foot - the right foot may be longer or shorter than the left. Therefore, measure the length of the foot for both the left and right foot. In addition, the length of the foot does not reflect the length of the insert. Important and suggested by the majority of manufacturers to add up to 3% of its length to the calculated length of the foot. Why? That the foot can settle in the men's shoe without any unnecessary pressure.

Men's footwear conversion

UK Size EU Size US Size Foot Length (cm) Foot Length (in)