As you may remember from one of our previous articles, "E" sizes and its variations are typically opted for when it comes to footwear designed with men in mind, but what about women?

Size C for which children?

They should consider purchasing shoes labeled with "B", as it refers to medium or standard width of a shoe which seems to be perfectly suitable in the majority of occasions, especially considering the flexibility and adjustability of footwear that can be purchases nowadays both online and in traditional shops in the local area.

It is worth mentioning at this point that "B"-labeled shoes of various types are among the most commonly purchased ones, thanks to their standardized dimensions that are simply perfect for the majority of ladies interested in purchasing some new shoes to add to their already vast collection. We hope that the explanation provided above will make shopping for shoes even easier than it was before! All you have to do is to decode the labels and then - make the final decision based on data gathered thanks to them!

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