Within the framework of our articles, we have been elaborating on what various classifications and signatures mean on the labels of shoes we purchase from online shops and brick-and-mortar stores.

What does EE on shoes mean?

Today, we would like to answer the question of what the EE stands for. It is not as simple as many of our readers would assume. “EE” classification is strongly connected with male footwear and refers to shoes that are extra wide, in contrast to standard wide ones (“E”) and super wide ones (“EEE” as well as “EEEE”).

Said sign on the label makes it easier to specify whether or not we have been looking for a particular shoe size or we should focus on a rather different product in order to avoid it being excessively small and uncomfortable during longer walks. Nowadays, selecting shoe size and width is much easier, as the client does not need to depend on his or her perception only, but may ask a professional seller employed in the shop to provide him or her with some additional support, which may be extremely useful on many occasions.

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