Running shoe size guide

As the majority of our readers are probably fully aware, running has become extremely popular and its popularity is only rising in recent years. Therefore, there is a growing market for top quality running shoes, making it possible for their users to reach the limits of their performance and beat their best times without difficulties. However, some customers may have difficulties when it comes to selecting the right footwear for them. That is why we have decided to write this article, within the scope of which we will inform all the interested individuals what to focus on and what to take into account while attempting to purchase the optimal running shoes for them. Let us start!

Men's running shoes size chart

CM (CN, JP, Mondo) Inches US UK EU
25 9.84 7 40
25.5 10.04 7 40½
26 10.24 8 41
26.5 10.43 8 42
27 10.63 9 42½
27.5 10.83 9 43
28 11.02 10 44
28.5 11.22 10½ 10 44½
29 11.42 11 10½ 45
29.5 11.61 11½ 11 46
30 11.81 12 11½ 47
30.5 12.01 12½ 12 47½
31 12.2 13 12½ 48
31.5 12.4 14 13½ 49

Women's running shoes size chart

CM (CN, JP, Mondo) Inches US UK EU
22 8.66 5 3 36
22.5 8.86 36½
23 9.06 6 4 37
23.5 9.25 37½
24 9.45 7 5 38
24.5 9.65 38½
25 9.84 8 6 39
25.5 10.04 40
26 10.24 9 7 40½
26.5 10.43 41
27 10.63 10 8 42
27.5 10.83 10½ 42½
28 11.02 11 9 43

How to prepare

Not all of us are running aficionados with perennial experience in the field. Many customers do not have and have never had even a single pair of quality running shoes in their life. Therefore, some measurements of the length of the foot may be necessary to be sure that the purchase made will be satisfactory and the footwear bought will be comfortable, as well as pleasant to wear for a prolonged period of time. If you happen not to know how to do that, you can always ask a representative of a particular brick-and-mortar shop for help. Professionals employed in such joints will be glad to help you and to inform you about the current trends that you may also want to follow.

>What should be done after the measurement process is finished? You should then proceed to juxtaposing the data you obtained with a proper running shoe size chart of the brand you fancy in order to establish which size will fit you perfectly. Thanks to the pieces of information you will have at your disposal, the task will be much easier and the risk of making a mistake that will cost you rather dearly is low.

Numerous standards to choose from

Please keep in mind that similarly to traditional footwear that you can buy to use it on everyday basis, running shoes can also be available in a variety of standards. The most popular ones are: American, European, and English. Nevertheless, there are numerous other sizing standards, including Chinese and Japanese ones. Therefore, it is worth not only knowing the measurements of your feet, but also - analyzing the provided running shoe size chart in order to check whether or not a particular size in one standard correspond to the one you would like to go for in another one. While making purchases in large stores or on massive website, the selection may be simply overwhelming, but we can ensure you that after gathering at least a bit of valuable experience, there will be no real issue with taking advantage of the data set in question to make satisfactory and informed decisions.

Before making the final purchase, it is important to remember that the running shoes you want to become a happy owner of should not be too tight nor too loose, as it may negatively impact your performance. In some cases, it may also be the reason behind your injury, so we are more than sure that you would like to avoid such problematic matters if possible.

The best solution is to try on a pair of shoes you really like and then - try to walk in them for a while to check how your feet feel in such footwear. It may turn out that the beautiful look is not enough and that there is the necessity to look for other running shoes that will fit you to a much greater extent. Also, do not forget to opt for products that have been made by renowned brands in the field and that have been manufactured by using state-of-the art materials, in the case of which an excessive tear and wear should not be a problem. Style so obviously important, but you have to be sure that the footwear purchased once will serve you well during consecutive training sessions and that it will be with you for much longer than a single season.

And finally…

We have to inform all of our readers that there is one more thing that should be taken into account, namely - price-to-quality ratio. You should make sure - on your own or after extensive consultations with the representative of a particular shop that a given footwear is worth you money and that it will meet your needs in the long run. Sometimes, it may be a good idea to browse various forums and websites related to running, where you will be able to ask questions, receive invaluable pieces of advice, and discuss the choices you want to make with regard to footwear with other people who have had a remarkable number of running shoes and can help you continue with your journey.

  • This article will help you find the right shoe size. It provides a comprehensive shoe size chart and explains how to measure your feet. A running shoe size is an indication of how long your foot is, not what width it is. This means that two people with different foot widths can wear the same shoe size. The length of your foot determines the length of the shoe, not its width or shape.
  • I would recommend that you buy one size bigger for your running shoes. If the shoe is too tight, it can cause pain and discomfort.
  • A running shoe size chart is a helpful tool for people who want to buy new running shoes. It can help you find the right shoe size for your feet, which will make your running experience more comfortable and enjoyable.