Guide to proper Tie Length

The right color, pattern and material that a tie is made of is not everything we should remember about when choosing it for styling. Even the best quality model will not look good if the length of the tie is not well adapted to our silhouette.


Adjusting the length of the tie makes problems even for men who are forced to wear it every day. And what about the gentlemen, for whom the mere tying of a tie is a real nightmare! However, problems with tying and measuring the length of a tie should not discourage anyone from this piece of clothing. Just learn a few nodes to do this almost mechanically. Similarly with the length of the tie - once we manage to find the optimal one, the purchase of the next tie should be trouble-free.

What is the ideal length of the tie?

The rules of male elegance say that the perfect length of the tie should slightly overlap the upper part of the trouser belt buckle. It is unacceptable to wear a tie that goes far beyond the line of the belt, ending at the height of the pocket. The tie ending at the height of the navel will look too low. Slightly shorter can only be a narrow tie (so-called herring), worn mainly by young people and for informal occasions, and a knit tie, which due to the simple ending should end 1-2 cm in front of the belt.

The length of the tie also depends on the height of the pants. Those fastened at the waist, not on the hips, are not very popular today, but a few dozen years ago most men were wearing them. Tie in combination with such pants can gently protrude beyond the belt or the edge of the vest, but it can not be too long.

How to adjust the length of the tie?

Ties available in stores usually measure from about 146 to 156 cm - we can try to choose the right length during the purchase. It is also worth knowing that the length of the tie can be slightly manipulated by selecting respectively simpler or more elaborate nodes.

With too long, narrower end of the tie you can manage in several ways. Some men put it on the trouser belt or hide it between the shirt buttons. If its tip protrudes no more than about 3-4 cm, it is also acceptable to leave it in a slightly looser, nonchalan style. Often, however, the best solution may be to shorten the tailor's tie.

Tie length and height

Growth is very important in choosing a tie. We can try to measure the right length in the store, putting one end to the lower lip, the other should then touch the ground. Sometimes, however, it may be difficult to find the perfect model among the standard size. With too long a tie you can deal with any of the above-mentioned ways. However, a bigger problem occurs when all the neckties are too short. In this situation, you can try to hide it under a vest or fasten your jacket.

Every gentleman in his wardrobe should have at least a few ties, matching different shirts, suitable for different occasions. Even if it is not our favorite piece of clothing, it's good that the man look perfect, because the fit of his length is here the proverbial dot over "and".

Incorrect tie length


Incorrect tie length


Correct tie length