Measuring hand size is much more useful than some of our readers may think. Said measurement may turn out to be of use while we decide to purchase some quality gloves that we would like to fit us in a highly satisfactory manner. No shopping session oriented towards buying such goods can be complete without starting it while being equipped with hand length and hand circumference metrics that are indispensible both in brick-and-mortar shops and in their online counterparts. If you want to save yourself some hassle and be sure that you are buying an items of clothing or an accessory that will fit you neatly, do not hesitate to familiarize yourself with the remaining part of this article! Let us start from tips on how to measure hand circumference.

Measuring hand circumference for beginners

To accurately measure the circumference of your hand, you have to open it, and then use a measuring tape to take the measurement around the base of your knuckles. We are more than aware of the fact, that achieving such a feat may be a bit problematic for a single person, especially an inexperienced one. That is why we would like to recommend you measuring hand circumference with the help of your family member or friend. If you are determined to visit a traditional shop, you may also ask a representative of such a venue for help - said individuals are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to selecting fitting products for their clients, so they will be capable of providing you with the so desired support without a shadow of a doubt. If you want your gloves to be pleasant to wear, you cannot neglect yet another factor, namely - hand length. We will proceed to guidelines on how to measure it in the next section of the article.

How to measure hand length?

We have to say that measuring hand length is much easier and we are almost certain that each and every single reader of our website will have no difficulties taking said measurement on his or her own. To do so, you have to open your hand and measure the distance between the tip of your middle finger and the base of the palm. Remember to hold the measuring tape utilized in a proper manner, as it has to create a straight line between the two discussed points. Otherwise, the measurement taken may turn out to be invalid, which will in turn result in buying gloves or other accessories that will be too loose or too tight. As you probably know, it will force you to engage into long-lasting and rather exhausting process of returning the items bought or asking for a refund. With a proper care taken, the discussed scenario can be easily avoided, however!

What glove size to choose?

Interestingly enough, while looking at the available data sets showcasing glove sizes offered by various companies in the industry, it can be noted that in the majority of cases - distinction is made between those for children, men, and women. The first category incorporates items ranging from 4 JR to 7 JR. When it comes to gloves for men, they are sold in sizes oscillating from 6.5 up to 11. The last category includes goods in sizes from 6.5 to 8.5 that have proven to be simply perfect for females. In many countries, aside from traditional number-oriented sizing, there is yet another standard, the letter based one. In its cases, the smallest gloves are labeled as XS, whereas the biggest ones - as XL. Of course, there are many size variations in between. We are more than hopeful that the pieces of information provided within the framework of this article will help you properly measure your hand size, as well as will make it remarkably easier to opt for neatly fitting gloves that you will be able to use for many years to come!